Too many Evelynes ?

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  1. I have 3 Evelynnes, 2 pm and 1 tpm. I love the style and I don't think you can ever have too much of something that works for you :smile: That said I also have 2 picotins, 2 jige and 3 LV Neverfull MMs.

    Since 4 is a bad luck number sounds like you need to get 2 more.
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  2. I am deciding with gold , I went to all stores nyc and they don’t have any in stock .
  3. I'm just curious how you keep all your things inside without them falling out. I like the bag and don't think u need to limit something you love and can afford-it's the open top on the sides of the snap that worry me--....your thoughts?
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  4. +1
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  5. Honestly I have had never had a issue with things falling out . I use at a crossbody and use snap closure . It’s more secure then people think .
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  6. I use bag organizers which add some structure in addition to keeping things in place. I found one I like that also zips if you are really concerned about things falling out. Etsy shop SenamonBagOrganizer. HTH!
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  7. Ditto ! I have organizers for all my bags . I think a lot of people are turned away from the open top and the bag. But I think they would be surprised to know once you use the snap closure everything is pretty secure. I actually felt having a tote bag left my things more open
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  8. Came across this thread and wondering if there’s an update from the OP! :lol: Did you ever find your gold?

    I’m considering a third evie! Feels a little crazy but this thread made me feel better!
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  9. Yes I did get my gold Evelyne with gold hardware. It’s beautiful. What color are you thinking of ?

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  10. Love!! I have that one too!!

    I have a pm etain with phw and pm gold with ghw.
    Thinking of getting pm blue nuit with ghw.
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  11. Gold with gold is so beautiful, enjoy! :heart:
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  12. Yes ! That’s a beautiful color . If you can score orange or Feu that my other one .

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  13. It’s so lovely. I totally get why H is such a slippery slope.. all these colors! :panic:

    I have my heart set on blue nuit because I like that it’s darker and very useable. I have young kids.

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  14. The colors are indeed dangerous. I have just added 2 more evies and a B30 (secondhand market on the B) and I had to make myself get neutral colors because the brights were so good! My rose extreme evie is my most used, funnily enough.
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  15. I have been using my old black Evie 29 a lot lately (winter weather, indestructible bag); and I'm in the market now for another Evelyne 29. I thought having three TPMs was overkill but: the BE is a pop of color whenever I want one (rainy days?), the gold goes with everything in the neutral family, and the bleu nuit just goes with *everything*.
    I'm hoping a 29 shows up in Raisin or a very red Rouge H or maybe a green...even better if a color I don't have. I was thinking Vert Cypres since I love that color but a) I'm probably going to order a Kelly in that color and b) so far I have only seen this combo with GHW and I want PHW.

    So, no, I'm not sure you can have too many until you creep up into mid double digits :P
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