Too many Evelynes ?

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  1. Currently I have three Evelynes and , honestly I LOVE the bag and works for me so well I’m every way . Currently I have
    1. Etain in palladium hardware Gm gen 3
    2. Nior in gold hardware GM gen 3
    3. Feu ( bright orange ) in palladium hardware GM Gen 3.
    My question is is getting a fourth one a bit excessive? And considering the gold / gold hardware. What do you think ? Three enough in same style? As some may ask why I like the style so much, it’s because it’s cross body and the adjustable strap. The bag works very well for my lifestyle and I like the fact how it’s carefree and so easy to work with. Please share your thoughts.

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  2. Too many Evelynes? I’m sorry, my brain can’t comprehend this sentence! :lol:

    Seriously, it’s only too many Evies if you think it is. If you love the style, wear them all, and can afford them, why not add another?

    I have two Evelynes — an Etoupe GM and a Blue Sapphire PM — and am constantly thinking of adding another. I just can’t decide which color/size to add. I spent all of last winter thinking about a black GM but then when spring started to appear my brain switched to a gold PM. It’s a great bag!
  3. You found the style that you love and suits you. Go for the gold one.
  4. I like having a few Kellys but I'm not obsessive I do not care for more than 4 Kellys at a time....... so go for one more maybe having two neutrals get another in color like blue, something fun like Zanzibar or Mykonos so you can have two neutrals two colors.
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  5. I think the only person who can decide what’s too many is you. If you can afford the bag and you know you’ll use it, then why not? That said, the fact that you created this post may speak volumes that maybe deep inside, YOU feel like it may be too much. That feu color is so cheerful and gorgeous. I say use the heck out of that one this spring and summer and then see how you feel.

    I have etain with phw and gold with ghw. I feel like I have cool and warm tones covered, though honestly makes so many beautiful colors, that I totally understand your dilemma!

    Some people would think two of the same bag is a lot- heck most people wouldn’t understand the NEED for ANY bag in this price range. Just do what you feel makes the most sense for you... though like I said, I’d take feu out to play now that it’s the perfect season for it. See how you feel after some time goes by. Evies aren’t going anywhere. :smile:
  6. Go for it !
    Would you buy another GM? Hermes just started making the TGM again. The only time I use my TGM is on on plane trip and I carry a smaller bag in my luggage as well.
    I have every size Evelyne and GM is my favorite. You might enjoy this thread
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  7. If it's working for you, why not?

    If you look at the number of Bs & Ks some of our members 'accumulate' without a second thought, a 4th bag isn't excessive at all.

    I think Gold will bridge the casualness of the Etain and the pop of your Feu quite nicely. Not sure how many have ghw though.
  8. When a bag is super useful, it's good to have a range of colors. I usually make sure I have colors to address what I primarily wear. You have dark neutrals and brights covered; I could see adding Gold, or adding a PM or TGM.
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  9. Gold is always a good idea!
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  10. Thank you everybody . I think gold will be next color . I really wanted blue Izmir , but that seems like a very hard color to find . But I do think gold would be a good bridge between the colors I have .
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  11. Evie is one of my favorites as well. I have 4! 2 PM's in Noir and Blue Altol, a GM in Etoupe and a TPM in Etoupe. So no, I don't think adding a 4th is too much ;)
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  12. I have four Evelynes; they’re all 29cm and I rotate them frequently. The colors I own are gold, black, etoupe and etain. I saw the bag in Trench on the H website and was very tempted but wasn’t familiar with the leather, the name escapes me at the moment, by the time I finished researching it and decided to make the purchase that particular Evelyne was gone. Obviously my answer to your question would be if you love the style why not add another to your collection.
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  13. :yahoo:If it works for you - why not? My Kelly’s have been steadily breeding.
  14. It’s a beautiful collection. If you are having some doubts perhaps try a few other crossbody styles (bolide, halzan) and see if they spark anything in you or if you are still drawn to the Evie.
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  15. One can never have too many Evelyn’s. If it works for you then go for it. They work for me and my casual lifestyle which is why I have 6 in colors to pair with my clothes.
    Do tell what you decided❤️
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