Too many drool-worthy work bags to choose from...HELP!

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Pick my work bag!

  1. Balenciaga Part-Time with Giant Hardware

  2. Louis Vuitton Epi Passy

  3. YSL Medium Muse

  4. Tod's Media D-Bag

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  1. Okay, I've been looking for a great everyday quality bag for work, for my first job. I've decided to spend part of my sign-on bonus on such a bag, but have been drooling over the following and absolutely cannot decide which one to get. Help me!

    Balenciaga Part-Time with Giant (gold) Hardware (in a dark color)


    Louis Vuitton Black Epi Passy


    YSL Medium Ivory Muse


    Tod's Media D-Bag (in white or camel)


    Sorry if I took the pictures right off of TPF but you guys' pictures are what really make these bags drool-worthy :drool: Which one would you guys get?? :graucho:
  2. The balenciagia is gorgeous! Got my vote!
  3. I have the black Passy and it is gorgeous! Such a classic, functional bag which gets loads of compliments. Gets my vote, closely followed by the Tods.
  4. It really depends of your own style...Tod´s and LV passy are very very classic, and Bal and YSL are more fashion forward, borderlining on "it bag" . What´s your style, what do you usually wear ?
  5. I would've said the YSL muse, but in a different color...ivory is not very good for every day wear, it could get dirty or scratched :sad: so I voted for the LV, it's very pretty and very "business" looking :amuse:
  6. I ADORE the prada, but i also love the Passy, i'ts just so timeless!
  7. I vote for the e/w Prada satchel although the Balenciaga would be good too. I like the LV but it's a bit too formal for me - guess is depends on what your job is...
  8. I love the Balenciaga.
  9. I was going to ask this - these are all very different bags, so it really depends on your style. Also, what kind of job is it? If it's a more conservative job like financial services, I'd suggest the Passy, which is timeless and will never go out of style. If it's young and hip, such as fashion or high-tech, I'd say the Balenciaga. Somewhere in between? Prada!
  10. thanks for all your tips guys! the field is marketing, so it's pretty hip and relaxed. i plan to be casually dressy, like cardigan and dressy bermuda shorts with heels...basically things i feel could work with all 5's really just a matter of which one i like best!
  11. For me, I love the Muse. But you sound like you are in your 20's. I think the Bal would be better for you. I think it's such a fun bag. Plenty of time for more serious bags later on.
  12. I like the Balenciaga, very classy but funky too, however the prada is beautiful and just that bit smarter.

    My vote probably goes with the prada!
  13. i love the balenciaga! :drool:
  14. yup, i just turned 22 ;) aww i love all these bags - every time someone says something positive about any one of them i'm so giddy :P