Too many cute Coach bags this year, I can't stop!

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  1. Agggghhhh... with the New Willis, Poppy Whipstitch, MFF beach motif totes & accessories, Kristin Baby Sages hitting the outlet, legacy duffles in gorgeous colors, Madison bags in beautiful colors of aegean and saffron, and now the Anna Sui bags, I just can't control myself this year! I'm sitting on a 25% PCE and I know I'm going to buy between 2 & 4 more bags today.

    Who else is going crazy this year?:wacko:

    Does it seem like the bags are particularly spectacular this year?

    (Don't worry, bills are getting paid and there is no credit card debt. So it's not causing me any financial hardship)
  2. I'm limited to buying pretty much once a year these days, so I wait for Fall (my favorite season for fashion). I've ordered two duffles, one large clutch, two key rings, and two wristlets :smile: If I could, I would get more for sure!!

    (I also ordered and returned the legacy bucket and haircalf clutch, bought sight unseen.)
  3. Oh and just got ANOTHER pce email this morning! I'll wait until website updates and see if anything small catches my eye :biggrin:
  4. This Legacy line is doing me all the other goodies! Normally I only like the Fall lines for Coach, but this year has been better than most.
  5. I got crazy this year......I bought a lot and I sold a lot to buy more....
  6. Between the FOS and the outlets with all the Kristins this year, I have been buying a lot of bags too.
    But I think I'm done for now, though I will make an exception for a special bag or two that happens to come my way.
  7. Last year I would buy a bag every few months, even earlier this year I was getting one bag a month, usually under $200, but since I saved enough money to buy my new car (I don't like financing) and joined this forum I've purchased a crazy amount of bags. I even had to get a bookcase/armoire to store them! I think having the extra money and this forum enabling me has been a total bag buying crazyness!
  8. I planned to have a ban for this year just like you...But it's not gonna happen because of the Anna Sui:crybaby: My DH will kill me cause I just bought a new phone + a new tablet and now going to a new purse......
  9. Me me me!!! Going to the FP store for the first time to see everything in person did not help me at all!!!
  11. Yes! My first full price store was a flagship store too!! The manager explained everything to me! I was like a kid in a candy shop! Lol and left there with nothing! My kids were with me and they were giving me the "I'm starving to death look" so my visit was short. After I left I wished we would have purchased my mini Willis there. Maybe I wouldn't have these issues now.
  12. I have a PCES and a Gilt coupon. Wondering what everyone is buying for fall!
  13. I went to the store yesterday and was amazed. Coach was my first designer bag, and I pretty much left the brand for years when it felt to me they had lost their way. I'm loving the archive styles, American Icon series, legacy, etc., and the colors are amazing. As far as my own personal taste is concerned, I feel like Coach "speaks to me" again.
  14. Ive definitely been buying more. I usually buy a bag or 2 in a year. I've bought 3 new bags in the past 5 months and I really need to stop! Its not hurting me financially but I'm running out of room. Lol. I cant part with anything so everything needs a place and its getting harder to place them.
  15. Yep, I finally organized my spare room with some bookcases to organize my bags. Unfortunately I had some space left... so it's making me think I don't have too many. Oops