Too many cross body bags in similar color?

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  1. Hi, I recently got a biletto in antique silver and the small messenger crossbody (retail $1350, now $1400) in what I think is cement. Do you think these are too similar in style and color? I’m trying to decide if they’re too close in style and color to keep both. If you have either or both, thoughts? Many thanks!
    I attached pics so you could see which bags I’m referring to. The small messenger is chamomile but the pic is only for style.
    The biletto is a gift and the small messenger had limited color selection but I did get a discount.

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  2. I have the small messenger (or disco bag) and I love it. I keep my phone in the zip pocket, keys/lip balm in the main compartment and of course cash/cards in the little compartments great for hands free grab and go. I don’t have the biletto, but they don’t look alike so while they may hold more or less the same items, and serve the same purpose, I think you can have both. Just my 2 cents.
  3. I do like your thought process . This lets me keep both!
    I sort of wish I could have gotten chamomile, I do like some bright colors periodically even tho I’m in a black tee a lot and jeans. It’s how I add fun and color to my usual attire. But it was a decent price for a new bag and if the color is correct, it’s a lighter neutral which I don’t have a lot of. When it gets here I’ll put my stuff in it to see how it works and go from there. Thanks for the insight!
  4. i think they are quite different in the style, and you can also use it as a pouch??
  5. Yes, as a pouch is possible for both since the strap is detachable. I thought I might put the biletto in my tote for work and use it during lunch etc. but the chain strap is a bit heavy in the tote so I end up wearing it and since it’s so small it’s an easy carry and it does not feel heavy. I can get quite a bit into it, I’m surprised.
    I definitely love the biletto. I’m debating on the disco. I think because of configuration, the disco holds less when I tried putting my things in it. I carry 2 iPhones, one for work, and it was difficult getting them both into the disco. The website said cement but I got new light grey and I know some here love the color, but I’m not sure it does it for me, especially since my biletto is antique silver. I think if I’m debating it should go back. I might regret the purchase since I’m so on-the-fence and the color is not what I hoped.
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  6. It seems less of an issue of them being too similar and more of an issue that you just don't really like the light grey disco enough to keep. It isn't big enough for your needs, and the color is not as you had expected. The answer seems clear based on what you wrote above. Return it while you still can!

    I don't think you'll miss it. You have your biletto, and there will be other bags to consider later on.
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  7. Thanks for the feedback. I agree, return while I can! I inadvertently ended up very close to the return cutoff so I’m going to get it in the mail ASAP. The countdown starts the day the order is placed and not the day it’s delivered so I get thrown off since it takes a week to get to me.