Too many colors?

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  1. In the last few years, Hermes has really expanded the number of colors it offers in handbags and SLGs. I thihk choice is great------but I wonder if it is overdone to the point where some colors are indistinguishable from others. For example, I have a cafe' Lindy in Clemence. I bought a chocolat Birkin (togo) thinking it was deeper in color than chocolat. You cannot see any difference in regular light. If I hold them both up to very strong sunlight, I see that chocolat is very very slightly deeper and cooler. I think a couple of the blues are so close to one another (like turquoise and Blue Paon); same with a couple of the reds. It is a little confusing and, I think, a little silly. Does anyone else feel this way?
  2. I understand totally what you mean, I sometimes find it hard to tell the difference between Rouge Garrance and Rouge Vif etc. It can be confusing especially in the SLG's. I guess they are just trying to cater to everyones needs by subtle variations on the colours (in the undertones) as I expect the Hermes customer is very discerning and when you are spending that amount of money the colour needs to be just so... sometimes it is surprising that even these subtle differences can make a big difference to overall look of the item. We also have to bear in mind that certain similar colours may be rested for a few seasons but the goods already produced are still floating around the boutiques.
  3. Nice point of views, I agree so, sometimes confusing for me as a newbie.
  4. i adore all the the subtle differences, love the way different leathers "take" color. i am a sucker for all of it......i'm doomed.
  5. I actually like that there are so many different colors. And, truth be told, I wish there were more colors----especially blues, purples & reds.
  6. It's excellent to have different shades of the same color family to cater to everyone. Some of us are very picky and it adds to the fun by being able to recognise the different colors. No 2 Hermes colors are alike. It takes research which I enjoy doing in discovering the different tones of colors in different lightings.
  7. I agree that the more color choice in everything, the better. For people who cannot discern the differences between some of the colors, isn't that all the better, given that they're now more likely to find a bag they love the color of? I mean, if one person loves dark blue, they'll be happy with indigo, bleu de prusse, bleu abysse, etc. Now they're more likely to find a bag they'll love. Another person who loves bleu de prusse and abhors bleu abysse (if there really is a person like that!) will be able to eventually get their bag in their perfect color.

    To be honest, I cannot differentiate between a lot of the reds H has, but it might be because I ignore reds when I'm shopping. There can NEVER be too many shades of green, however, and I certainly confess to needing to acquire something in a shade I love just to have it, even if I have a perfectly functional item already. Hence my 3 dark green Ulysse MMs! :smile:

    And Iffah is so right -- lighting makes a huge difference in a lot of colors. Kahki for example looks like a horrid brown in some lighting, but in others, it's a beautiful mix of brown and green.
  8. Cafe in Clemence and Chocolate Togo are very, very close. To me, it is the same colour, and it's the skin that makes it look different at some angles depending where the light hits. This is just my perspective. Hopefully someone in the know, can say something for sure.
  9. I spoke to an SA in FSH who told me that some colors are the same - they are just called by different names in different leathers. We were talking about Rouge Garrance and Vermilion - she said vermilion was the name of RG in swift and tadelakt. They use RG for togo and clemence.

    That was the first time I'd ever heard that colors were being called by different names - I'd always assumed that they were two colors with subtle differences.

    Not sure if this is actually the case, but this is what I was told.

  10. agree with this point of view and do think that so many of Hermes

    colors are so distinctive and unique, that the tones within the tones

    make is that much more interesting.. and love how they all mix together
  11. well said, me too :graucho:
  12. I never realized that there might be two names for the same color in different leathers. No wonder I get confused!
  13. While some of the colors are a bit too similar, my big issue with the offerings is that they're rarely all available. There were two different SLGs I was looking for, and one of them came in over 15 different colors. VERY few were available though, and Lagon was only offered that one season--and were grabbed up quickly. It all comes down to what the stores will buy, but given how much is sent around the country from one store to another, or the customer directly, it's surprising that some aren't a little easier to find.

    I won't miss the "hunt" when my one last SLG comes in.
  14. yes i see your point but you have to remember that the subtle diferances make hermes hermes and that in leather colors dont look as differant as the do on croc or ostrich example raisin croc and amethyst croc so different but raisin togo amethyst togo well not so much besides i feel that the small changes prove to them as a copany in the refined luxury production niche what we want as clients example if i want grey i have the option to go fron graphite to gris tourturelle but theese are very far appart from each other as in one is so light and one so dark so i have the chance to buy etoupe giving a middle point or orange for example we have hermes orange or brik but in the middle i have potiron so i think the color excess does help alot i know its hard to see the diferance but one last idea if you had the choice to buy a green croc birkin vert anis or vert fonce are very differant and serve two totally seperate points but vert pelouse is like in the middle looks like fonce but is greener so you dont have to take oposite polarized point hope it helps birkel
  15. Hi Pyrexia - I can confirm that I have a piece of tadelakt in Rouge Garrance - so I'm guessing - unless things have changed, that the theory explained to you was at best a guess!