Too many choices, Chloé Bay, Paddy, Zippy Bal day can't make up my mind, help!

  1. Here I go again...This whole purseban thing seems not to work for me:shame: !
    I have been good for two months but that was about it.

    Now I am planning out my next purchase but I have a few on my mind and just can't decide which way to go:

    There is :

    Chloé Bay in
    - black or moka..this bag is a stunner!

    Chloé Paddy in:
    - blue/navy with silver hardware so cool and a great price

    Chloé Zippy/paddy in:
    - mousse, I just love that style and color

    Bal day in:
    - café with GH great combo
    - french blue RH which really pops

    :confused1: :confused1: :confused1: I just :love: them all.

    For right now I have a greige day that I wear daily, a RV city that sits in her dustbag (can't decide if I sell or keep her), a caramel city that is nicely stored as well. One choco paddy (med satchel) on the way and one paddy (med satchel) in blanc.

    As well as two Dior's, a black Prada rocket I think ,older fendi's and so on, that I very very rarely wear.

    I am not a bag collector per say I like to wear what I buy.

    What would be your advice...?

  2. bay!!!

    for i am coveting for it now!
  3. could I see some pics? :3
  4. If you could please post some pics it would be much easier :smile:
  5. small6hsa02_6h422_799_01.jpg
  6. Thanks for the pics.
    I would definitely go for the Balenciaga. I really love this bag in both Cafe and French Blue. Chloe Bay would be second on my list together with the navy Paddy, which looks great too. It was a pretty hard choice :smile:
    Let us know which one you choosed.
  7. Bay ;)
  8. Paddington is super heavy...Love the Day!
  9. Cafe or French Blue the colors! I don't see them a lot in my area either. The Bay is nice too, I would prefer those over the Paddy. Have fun choosing!
  10. Of the bags that you wear frequently, do you wear them mostly because of their color or their style (e.g., shoulder, satchel, etc.)? If it's color, pick a bag of similar color. If it's style, pick a bag of similar style. That way, you will be more likely to get use out of your new purchase. Good luck deciding!:smile:
  11. ...intresting it's kind off between the bay and the Bal's
  12. I vote for the black quilted Bay. It's a hot new bag that will be very popular going forward.

  13. Hold off on the Bay, Chloe bags eventually go on sale at the end of the season...If you are planning to spend full retail price for a new bag, you might as well go Balenciaga, since the moto bag hardly ever goes on sale!
  14. I'm going to have to vote for Bal too. I think I'd probably go for the GH Cafe - gorgeous combo. I love the French Blue color, but it is shockingly bright on a bag that big IMO.