Too many choices! Can't take the pressure!

  1. Just when I decide to go ahead and get the medium camel carly, I hear about a red patent leather Ergo hobo.
    AAAHH! What's a girl to do????
  2. Just get the one you like best.
    I think you will get more use out of the Camel Carly. I saw the Ergo Black Patent in the store this week and I did not care for it. The red could be outstanding though. Good luck deciding.

    kind regards,
  3. I'd have to agree with you Liz...I just found a pic of the black one and i'm not really digging the style.
  4. Get both!

    No, just kidding...have you seen the red patent in person yet? If not, maybe wait till you see could blow you away and you might love it, or you might RUN away from it!

    Good luck deciding!
  5. I also think you'll be able to get more use out of the Carly, but you have to get what you think will make you happiest! Good luck with whichever bag you choose.
  6. Maybe wait to see it in person?

    I know I personally, am anxious to see the red.
  7. I suck at making decisions but I do think i'd get more use out of the carly. I am anxious to see pictures of the red though. Hopefully if I decide I want it when it comes out, it won't become too hard to find. :shrugs:
  8. Carly would be my choice hands down.
  9. My carly order actually came in today. It's waiting for me at the Coach store. And I am stuck at work for 2 more hours. Bah!!!
  10. I might be in the minority, but I am not fond of patent leather. Looks too much like vinyl to me. I think you'll be very happy with the carly.
  11. I aggree you might not like it wait until you see it.
  12. I agree! Go and get the feeling of it, love it, try it, put it under your arm, do whatever you need to do to try it on, first. Good Luck, we all know it is hard!!
  13. Which ever catches your attention the most get that one.
  14. Carly over the patent even on a Carlys worst day.

  15. Exactly.