Too many black Chanels? Which Boy color? Beige Reverso?

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  1. I want to get a Boy bag (new larger medium size) - I love the black, but I already have three Chanel black bags (PST, GST and classic lambskin medium flap).

    So, do I get yet another black bag or go for another color? I saw a Beige Reverso (SA said it was from Resort collection) - but what is everyone's thoughts on the Reverso vs. the more classic quilted?
  2. I say get the the beige!!!
  3. I'm really a black chanel lover, most of my chanels are black and I would still get black!
  4. The beige will be a nice change
  5. Beige! As much as I love a black bag I want to have diversity, GL
  6. Thanks everyone - what's your thoughts on the Reverso compared to the quilted? The beige only comes in the reverso right now.
  7. I prefer the quilted and black color
  8. I say definitely get the Beige Reverso! It's gorgeous and I heard great things about its leather!
  9. I received my new Boy! It's the new medium size, dark beige lambskin! Is it too large to wear crossbody? Should I have gone with the smaller size in black? (I already have a Chanel medium classic flap in black with GHW, that's why I went with this one). Thoughts?

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  10. Congrats on your beige boy. Umm...I think it might be a tad too big for crossbody...hard to know how far it's sticking out from just a side view.
  11. What a beauty, Congrats! It looks a bit big crossbody from the picture, love the color!
  12. I know - I think the original medium size looks better on me crossbody, but it won't hold as much :sad: I may just have to be content to use this one as a shoulder bag and get another bag for crossbody use.
  13. I love the color! It does look big for you and I'd be concerned about color transfer in wearing this one cross body. And btw, don't be afraid in having too many black Chanels - I'm really not sure there is such a thing. Eventually you'll see another color that you'll need to add but until then, black is a great choice. Are you going to keep this beige?
  14. Stunning bag :smile:
  15. Stunning new boy. I think it looks great as a shoulder bag:smile:)