too many black bags?

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  1. Hi all,

    I went to the LV boutique yesterday and saw the Emp twice bag in black, I couldn't get that bag out of my head.

    My dilemma is, I already own a black chanel WOC and black epi alma pm and petite noe. Do you ladies and gents think its worth getting the black twice? or as I'm not using my noe as much, should I sell the noe for the twice?

    Thanks all in advance!! :biggrin:
  2. There's no right or wrong way to build a collection since it's all about you. A lot of people here have multiples of brown (mono and DE), white (DA), and other colours (MC, pink, blue, etc.) so what's wrong with having several black pieces as long as there's enough love to go around?
    As for selling the Noe, do you still use it occasionally or has it stayed hidden in the closet for so long that its forgotten what sunlight looks like? If you're not using it then maybe it's time to re-home with another woman who would love her to bits...take some time to sleep on it before making a hasty decision that you might regret.
  3. Thank you so much Miss Krys.
  4. Perfect advice for all of us on TPF!
  5. Personally I am all about black handbags. You must remember it is about what you like and will use.
  6. A majority of my bags are black so I don't think there's such a thing as too many black bags because it allows for rotation. As long as you know you'll use it, I think it's worth it.
  7. +1. Most of my bags are also black and I also don't think there's such a thing as too many black bags
  8. +2

    Another black bag lover here.
  9. In my opinion I feel like it does not matter if you have a lot of black bags already. Personally since I am a male I only have Crossbody and messenger style bags. So I can relate to you feeling repetitive with your collection. If you haven't been able to get that bag out of your head it's probably a sign you should get it. At least that's what I do 😂😂😂
  10. If it's your style, there's no problem. It's a classic, you can't go wrong....

    I used to have a lot of black bags. I try not to because I wear black all the times. So I try to have colors with bags and scarves.

    I still love the cluny in noir though.
  11. Never too many black bags. Plus those are all different textures....makes 'em completely different in my eyes :graucho:
  12. If black work on you
    And you like it
    Why not
  13. Hey if thats what you like then go for it! Get what you will actually use!
  14. Depends on how many bags you already own. For me personally I don't own that many so I only need one or two of each color group. I need a black one, a light summer one, a pop of color one, etc. But if all you have are dark color bags maybe it's time to change it up in order to get a versatile collection? Do you wear mostly blacks and monotone clothes or do you wear a lot of colors? I think black bags are very elegant if you wear colors for your clothes. But if your wardrobe is mostly darks you should look into all the vibrant colored leathers LV has been crafting.
  15. I like black bags. I also have the Noir Alma PM. I have the Doc BB in black, the Chanel Trendy cc in black lamb, a black Kate Spade, and recently got the LV Lockme II in black. I have the twice in mono/noir, so kinda black. I think you should get the Twice in black and keep the Noir if you like the size. The Twice is such an easy little bag & the Noe is classic.