Too many black bags - need input

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  1. You ladies are all so helpful when I'm stewing over something so I thought I'd stop stewing and post this here for your input.

    I currently have 3 black Coach bags:
    Mini Tanner
    Black Hobo
    Black with white edgepaint regular size Preston

    I am definitely getting a black Daily bag soon. I do not need all of these bags in black, even if they are different styles. I haven't cut the tags on my black/white Preston yet and am considering returning it. The other option would be to sell the Hobo since it's a similar style to the Daily (more similar than the Preston anyway). The MT is nice to have when I don't need to carry much, but I rarely use it. So in reality, I could part with any of them. After having a Daily bag for a couple of weeks now, I know it is a more useable bag for me than any of these others.

    What would you do?
  2. Do you have other colors or you're just deciding what to do with so many black bags?
  3. Just deciding what to do about so many black bags. I have lots of other bags too, in different colors and styles.
  4. You don't sound very attached to any of them really. Why not return the Preston and sell both of the others? Keep the Daily and find something else you really love and will use.
  5. I totally agree. You don't seem to love any of the Black bags that you currently have. So, return/sell them all and stick with the Daily.
  6. I actually do like the Hobo quite a bit. It's just that it's a slouchy shoulder bag like the Daily. And I love the look of the Preston - I think the white edgepaint makes it look cool and different. So it's not that I don't love them - I guess I'm just trying to be practical. Practical sucks. :smile:
  7. I don't own an MT, hobo, or regular Preston, but based on what I've seen I'm thinking the Daily could hold the same amount of stuff (or perhaps more?) than the MT and hobo. So I think the Daily could replace both of those. Your Preston is different because of the edgepaint, so maybe worth keeping? I remember you struggled a lot with the Preston it love with the regular size? If not, I would return that one too. You could then buy even more Daily bags!! :smile:
  8. Good points - maybe sell the MT and Hobo and keep the Preston. I did struggle with the size - I already have the regular size Preston in graphite and used it quite a bit in the fall/winter. The mini is just too small, no matter how much I love the look of it! Thank you!
  9. I would sell the tanner, keep the hobo and black/white Preston and get the daily..but not in black.

  10. Thanks! I have the daily in sea mist but loved it so much I wanted it in black.
  11. If 3 black bags are too many, then I'm in trouble! Lol. Black bags are just so classy to me.
    All of your bags are very different. The b/w Preston is cool looking, but I'm not fond of the size. Since it still has tags, I'd return that one bc it would be easiest to do. And you'd get the most money back for more bags! ;)
  12. +1......I have at least 8 black Coach bags so I don't think 4 is too many.....:shame:

  13. Ha ha! Yeah maybe you can't have too many black bags!

  14. LOL. I'm glad that someone spoke up...I have at least 20 black bags.

    kcoach - Good luck with your decision. I always hate to do it but sometimes it's nice to purge your collection and make room for new bags...and colors. ;)
  15. Kcoach, I have the black hobo and black daily as well. I struggled with deciding to get the black daily for the same reason you are struggling, but in the end, I grabbed it because I thought I would regret not doing so later, and now I'm glad I have both....the daily stores so easily, packs well, beautiful leather, etc.....but I love love love my hobo in black and love that hardware with it. Honestly, I would keep both. I also feel like they are very similar but am so happy with both of them that it makes sense. I do think the hobo is a bit dressier because of the hardware, and the hobo strap is a little more comfortable when I am carrying a lot, but the daily is just too smart a purchase not to stick with it. The Preston is really cute but if forced to get rid of one of three, I'd probably get rid of the Preston.....but if you can keep all three, and the desire to shed is merely due to overwhelm, I would keep all three, because they are all really nice. Just can't go wrong with black, and these will last forever.