Too many bags but what to lose?

  1. I've decided that I have too many bags and its time for one or two to go. Of these - which would you keep?

    Petit Noe in Fawn Epi - brand new
    Mini Monogram Josephine in TST Khaki - like new
  2. Ummm...I would keep the Mini Monogram since they're discontinued...Unless the fawn epi noe is discontinued too. Depends, which do you like better?
  3. they are both discontinued - therein lies the dilemma!
  4. KEEP NOE! hehe (I'm being somewhat influenced by LV_addict! lol)
  5. I still say keep the Josephine...I like the bag's style more than the Noe :yes: (Sorry Irene! *ducks*)
  6. Why do you need to get rid of them??? I don't ever advise to get rid of bags unless you HAVE to....
  7. I would let go mini mono because I LOVE epi!
  8. I don't HAVE to but I'm feeling a bit guilty for having too many :smile:

  9. Now how did I know which way you would vote - although I thought you would say it because of the Noe - you Noe Queen!
  10. Keep the Mini Mono!!!
  11. If you don't have to let either go, don't !!
    Keep them both, love them both and don't feel guilty!! :yes:

  12. Don't sell either... you will regret it big time!! Plus, since they are discontinued, there's little chance you can get them again. :sad:
  13. No, not because it's a noe:graucho: but because epi bags are all weather bags!:yes:
  14. Keep the Noe!
  15. Mono Mini!