Too Many Ali's??

  1. I just got my signature Ali in Brass/Khaki/Ebony. I also have the slim flap (basically an Ali) in charcoal suede. It is GORGEOUS!!! I picked it up for 1/3 off because it was scratched - I was unsure of it at first but now I am SO glad I got it. It is so soft looking and feeling. I like to just sit with it on my lap at work, open it to get a lipgloss, close it, rub it... Anyway, I also like the Ali in white vintage leather. Is this too many of the same style? I have 2 Mandy's: 1 in khaki/saddle signature and the other in black leather - ooooh, it looks like it belongs on a biker babe - and I don't feel that they are redundant. Maybe I should get something else (satchel, Mandy?) in the white leather instead? What are your thoughts? Do you buy the same style in multiple colors/fabrics? I am new to the forum by the way. My real name is Jennifer, and I am a Coach ADDICT!!!
  2. I have 2 Alis - one in black and one in khaki/ebony trim. Honestly, I think they both are so gorgeously different that I don't notice that they are the same style.

    I think the 3 you will have are so different that having them will not seem redundant.
  3. Welcome! Nice to meet you . . . there is nothing wrong with getting your favorite bag in great colors that you will use. There is something great about a familiar bag that suits you and and the way you live. I have Ali in black and white, I still dream of Ali in pond . . . who knows.
  4. I have two Ali's. One in whiskey and one in white. When I love something I tend to buy it in multiples. I found a great sweater at Ann Taylor Loft and bought it in all three colors, but to me they are all different. If they made the Ali in Pond I would buy that one too. I don't particulary like the Legacy Satchel, the Mandy has too much hardware for my taste, I found the shoulder bag a tad too small for me. There is nothing wrong with finding something you love and getting it in multiples. Who knows if Coach will make something you like again this much!
  5. I agree -- even if they are the same style -- the color differentiates them -- the white Ali is such a beautiful bag... go for it! :smile:
  6. Charcoal suede? That sounds incredible! Can you post pics...pretty please? (though the gorgeousness of it may kill me!)
  7. I agree with what everyone said. I am an indecisive addict when it comes to Coach, clothing, shoes and I will buy them in multiple colors of the same style, otherwise I will just keep on thinking about it and never really be happy. So, girl, there is NOTHING wrong with getting what you like. You deserve it!
  8. "I have 2 Mandy's: 1 in khaki/saddle signature and the other in black leather - ooooh, it looks like it belongs on a biker babe - and I don't feel that they are redundant."

    ***I meant to say I have 2 Carly's, not 2 Mandy's***
    sorry bout that - it was late!
  9. congrats and welcome! i look fowarard to seein you post some more LOL be prepared you're about to become a handbag ADDICT!
  10. Here are the sisters. Don't they look happy?

    *About* to become an addict? Is it possible that my obsession can grow any worse? Oh my, the stories I have to tell... I have loved purses since I was 7 and started sewing my own. I never could spend much money on them until about 10 years ago (I am 38 now) when I bought a Perlina for $100, then another, both in black. They are wonderful purses and I still have my first 2 "real" babies. Then about a year ago I found a white Coach small optic tote marked down to...get this: **$50**!!! So I grabbed it. Since then I have added a total of 14 Coach and 14 Dooney and Bourke to my collection. I also started buying them in bulk from the outlet to share with friends (they would reimburse me for my expense, of course). I took them to work one day and I thought one girl was going to stop breathing. She called her lawyer friend who had to LEAVE COURT and sit down when she found out I had so many purses. It was so much FUN and hilarious to find other women shared my obsession. Here is a list of the Coach bags I have:
    White Optic small Hamptons tote
    Signature Ali
    Charcoal Suede Ali (actually a slim flap)
    Poppy Duffle with white braided leather strap
    Black Leather Carly
    Khaki Signature Carly
    Medium Black Soho Hobo
    Small Soho Flap in Mahogany
    Small Hamptons Pebbled Leather Tote/carryall in Parchment
    White Optic Soho with Bumble Bee Applique
    The new Legacy Straw Basket with the Legacy Stripes on front & turnlock pocket
    redo3592.JPG redo3590.JPG
  11. I think the style of the bag/sweater, etc is what matters. If you like the style and it comes in a range of colors, then get what you like. You won't be carrying/wearing 2 at the same time! Congrats on your collection and welcome to TPF.
  12. i LOVE them both! and if you love the style, why not get as many as you need to accomodate all of your outfits? :yes:

  13. Took the words right out of my mouth!!
  14. You can never have to many Ali's!!
  15. I don't think you can have enough Ali's. I have a black one. I have now decided that I am going to get her in brown. And if she stays around long enough, I might get her in white.