Too long EVA strap, what should I do?

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  1. I'm 5'6" girl. And I think EVA strap is too long for me.

    Should I short it? Any idea to adjust it without cut it off?;)
  2. You can go to LV and buy an adjustable strap :smile:
    I'm 5'4 and it's long on me too, but i like it that way :P
  3. I dont think theres any way to adjust the strap that comes with the Eva without physically cutting a portion off.
  4. I think that you should NOT cut it, because then the value suffers a lot if you want to sell it later.
    The strap was also too long for me. I used my palermo Pm strap few times with eva, but I ended up selling Eva because it just didn´t fit for me..

    So perhaps you should think is that the right bag for you afterall?
  5. I wouldn't alter the strap, I think like other's mentioned it would be hard to sell that way if you had wanted to sell it later on. I like the long strap, but that's just me, I'm about
    5'7". I would do as Christian's Girl suggested and look into the adjustable shoulder strap that LV sells. Good Luck!