Too logo-y? Opinions please

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  1. Hey girls!

    I tried on these sunglasses today and they were PERFECT for my face. The only problem is, the CC is HUGE, as you can see from the pic! (the lenses are dark for the pair I want, not clear like these)

    Do you think it's just too in-your-face? Too bling bling (My clothes are very un-bling, pretty conservative)? Especially if I'm carrying a Chanel bag with a logo (my everyday tote)?

    Thanks for any comments!

  2. hehe thats what I like about those! :biggrin: Very cute IMO.
  3. Love them, I say go for it just don't dare wear them with chanel logo earrings.
  4. I think the sunglasses itself is an attention getter regardless of the logos on the side. I think they're cute.
  5. I like them! Not that blingy, as there are no rhinestones or similar - I think they will look good with your understated style and add some glamour without being "too much".
  6. I think the sunglasses are a bit too much with a chanel bag. But on ther own they are very nice.
  7. I don't like conspicuous logos,so for me they would be a no-no.

    (I wear prescription glasses....they are also Chanel,but the tiny little logos are on the ends of the earpieces...invisible! )

    Great glasses otherwise though...pity...
  8. I :love: those sunglasses! Echoing some earlier posts, I think wearing anything else with big Chanel logos would be too much, but those sunglasses by themselves are perfect!
  9. I love them!!! Do you remember by chance how much they were?
  10. $325.00

    Or else they were $340 because I might have mixed them up with another pair. But DEFINITELY $340 or under.
  11. Gorgeous glasses but the big CC is a turn-off for me... If they're perfect for your face, you should get them. After all, if you love them, they'll look fab on you.
  12. Yeah, the shape is awesome. But the damn CC's! Hmm, still debating. The problem is they're the only pair I've even remotely liked thus far in my sunglasses search.
  13. Oh just to add... I also tend to wear my sunglasses on my head all the time. BAH. Maybe it's not meant to be. Nobody should be agonizing over sunglasses!
  14. I'd have to see this in real life, but I don't usually mind the Cs on sunglasses. If they are *too* gold, and catch light and flash, flash, flash I wouldn't be so keen.
  15. I have these in the 6014 style. I LOVE THEM. I wear them constandtly. I get compliments all the time.
    Go for it!