Too late to join the paddy club?

  1. My whiskey paddy just got to me today. It wasn't at all as heavy as I thought it would be, the size is good, I can sling it over my shoulder and the color is just goegeous... I'm so happy!!! :biggrin: I took a quick crappy picture, but I thought I'd share it with you anyways.
  2. I like your caption :amuse: Its never too late!
  3. congrats jeannie! enjoy your new bag.
  4. Cute bag! Lovely color and your picture is not crappy! Enjoy!
  5. Your caption is so cute :lol: She's gorgeous, congrats! :nuts:
  6. Jeannie! Congrats! No, it's never too late! Enjoy!
  7. Welcome aboard the Paddy Wagon!! Great bag and color too!
  8. Thanks everyone!!! I think I'm going to have go out for absolutely no reason at all just to take her for a spin around the neighborhood. :smile:
  9. Congrats Jeannie!!! I'm glad you love it. Yeah, girl! Take that new baby of yours out for a spin and show her the world:smile:)
  10. Hee hee hee... :smile: can't stop giggling... here's another quick crappy shot of me holding her right before I take her out. Am I too obsessive? :smile:
    me_with paddy.jpg
  11. It looks fantastic! Congrats! It actually looks redder with your dress, so beautiful!
  12. Welcome to the club! :smile:
  13. Congrats! Love your styling of paddy!
  14. Congrats on the lovely bag!
  15. Obsessive is entirely appropriate! Have fun with your new bag...!
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