Too late to get a B-bag?

  1. Hi, everyone~
    I just joined tPF today.... : )

    I am dying to get this gray patent b-bag..I think the color is killer! But my friends all say that I should go for classic black leather B-bag with patent buckles.......
    and some even say b-bags are just not cool any more.....

    what are your opinions? Are they really out? It seems like FENDI's still keep on making new versions of spys and B-bags......

  2. I don't know that much about b-bags but I would think get the color you really want.
  3. By virtue of the fact that you somehow found your way here to the FENDI division on your first visit to TPF -- you are marked as one of the admirers of "Wild & Beautiful Things" -- :nuts:

    :wlae:So who cares whats the latest style -:wlae:

    You are unbridled beauty at its finest and you are different and have no need to conform....

    Besides, FENDI is always in style.... :tup:

    IMO the B Bag will be around for a long while :p ..Get what you like most! :drool:
  4. The grey patent b-bag is beautiful, go for it.
  5. I would not talk you out of it. Grey patent ... :drool:
  6. :O I didn't know what a B-bag was but just looked up some photos! They seem like really good bags[​IMG]

    I like the look of that one!!
  7. go with the colour you really want! the B-bag is so awesome!