Too late to fix?

  1. The Marc by Marc totally turnlock I purchased this fall has a rough spot on it. It's about the size of the quarter and it's just a spot where the shine isn't perfect, though the color looks fine. Is it too late for the bag when it gets to this point or is it still fixable?
  2. pics?
  3. I agree, pictures would really help!
  4. [​IMG]

    I used both zoom and macro so if you view the large size you should be able to see it pretty well.
  5. Purly, I cannot see the pics! it is probably just my computer though, sometimes it blocks certain web hosting sites. I will check it out when I am at home!
  6. I'd try some conditioner on it...
  7. Luna, any brands in particular?
  8. Agree, conditioner or shoe polish. I know a lot of people have used shoe polish that matches the bag's color to fix odd spots like this.
  9. Thanks so much marclover!
  10. luckily it's black, otherwise I wouldn't try the polish! Does that stuff rub off at all I wonder? But def try some conditioner, ie apple guarde, cole haan, etc.