Too late to exchange?

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  1. Last month, I purchased three bags to beat the price increase - beige PTT with gold hw (which I love), medium/large black lambskin with silver hw and black GST with gold hardware.

    While I took the price tags off, I haven't let myself use the black bags because I'm torn over whehter I chose the wrong hardware. I now think I should have gotten the GST with silver and lambskin with gold. I purchased the GST from Saks and lambskin from BG in New York.

    Are these stores good with exchanges? I'm not even sure if either of these stores have the bags in the other hardware.

    Is there anyone on this purse forum who has a black lambskin with silver? All the posts I have read have lead me to believe that gold is better for lambskin and silver better for GST.
  2. I have a few flaps and some in gold hardware some in silver hardware. To be honest I love gold hardware, but to have silver in between is a good mix. And Chanel bag prices are only going up in the future. So, if I may suggest, if financially alrite, just keep all the bags and enjoy them in good health dear.
  3. clover 17, do u mind posting a pix of ur black gst with gh. i will be purchasing a black gst next week and i am undecided on which hw to go with. i have only seen the sh in stores (which is really nice), but i have yet to see the updated versions of the black gst with gh. thanks in advance!!!
  4. Do you still have the tags? My guess is that if you no longer have them at all it will be a problem. If you still have them but they are just no longer attached you should be fine since they fall off all the time. My last bag came with the tags in the pocket.
  5. Hi there, saks is definitely good with exchange. If the choices bug you, I'd suggest to have them exchanged. I bought my classic flap, caviar in ghw and didn't fancy it much. Even after 2 weeks of psyching myself that ghw with caviar is nothing but classic, I couldn't like it! Felt better after exchanging for one in silver hw instead.
  6. It should be fine. My Saks SA has a policy that I can return any bag with no time limit.
  7. If the hardware choices bug you, I strongly suggest exchanging the bags! You should be alright if you have the tags. I personally prefer gold hardware on lambskin, and silver for the GST -- but hardware is (has always been, and will always be) merely a matter of personal opinion and taste. Go with your gut and don't wait too long to fix something that bothers you, even if it means returning/exchanging the bags.
  8. Clover ~ NM and SAKS will take anything back that is unused within a "reasonable" amount of time. If u decide to return or exchange the bag....Stick the tag in the pocket and don't say a word. It's normal that tags are cut off and placed inside of bags on display. And don't forget to take your receipt... You have done NOTHING wrong :flowers:
  9. For me GHW vs SHW doesn't make that much of a difference. People seem to have a strong preference for one or the other, but I'm perfectly happy owning one SHW and one GHW bag. I don't care if the styles are switched. Maybe it's just me!

    In the end it's just a matter of personal preference. It doesn't matter if other people think a bag looks better with one or the other HW. What matters most is what YOU think.
  10. I'm curious, can you return for a full refund or is it just for store credit? I thought you can only return for store credit or exchange for a different bag.
  11. I just want to exchange the bags for different hardwares. I think one of them didn't have a bag and the other I thinK I have the tag somewhere.

    Thank you so much for your advice. I just think the GST would look better with silver and lambskin with gold.

    I will let you know happens! I just hope they have the bags I want in stock.
  12. ^Good luck and remember to update us! If the bags you want are not in stock, I'm sure your SA can arrange it such that you can return the bag first, and then receive the new one when stocks are replenished.
  13. but maybe you will have to pay difference with increased price.... unless you are already assuming that. that happened to a friend recently... good luck
  14. i think you can exchange or return it as long as you have the receipt.
    weird enough, though BG and NM are the same company, BG is nicer than NM SA..
  15. I just called Saks and they told me that if I exchange the bag, I have to pay the new price!! The SA is talking to his manager to see if he will let me do an even exchange. I will let you know if they let me.