too late for mbmj classic q ukita in caramel?

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  1. Hi, I'm new here from Singapore. (:

    I was lusting after the Classic q ukita (the large one) in caramel for the last 3 months, but when I finally decided to get it, I realised that it's sold out everywhere online! So I was wondering if it's completely sold out worldwide? Is it still being sold in-stores in other countries? Cos in singapore, they only have it in dirty martini, steel and black. Besides it's going for a whopping USD$732 here.

    I really really like it in caramel and I don't want to get it in any other colour. Is it too late?
  2. Oh no! The caramel is really pretty. Although I have it in dirty martini (my first choice), and can't recommend it highly enough. The neutral -- but not too neutral -- color has made it a go-to bag most days.