Too late for an Epi Speedy?

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  1. Hello Ladies,

    I was wondering ifs any of you ladies know if it's too late to hunt for one in myrtle blue? I'm not even sure if it's a seasonal color or not. I just know I happen to fall in love with things after they get discontinued. (just my luck)

    Any advice would really help!! I'm located in Canada as well, so of any of you ladies who live in Canada know the price off it or happen to still be able to spot one at your local lv store, please let me know!
  2. I believe I just saw one on either Yoogis or Fashionphile. :smile:
  3. Yoogis has a couple in Toledo blue.
  4. I too just started falling in love with the Epi Speedy only to find out it's discontinued! But I dont feel confident enough to buy pre-loved.
  5. I have the Toledo blue and it's a brighter blue. the Myrtle is more muted with the silver hardware. You don't see them come up on ebay that often (the Myrtle). Good luck with your search - just make sure you get it authenticated first!