Too late for a Besace?

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  1. Hi everyone-

    Have I missed the boat to find a silver/pewter volcano besace? Has anyone seen one around anywhere. Thanks.
  2. next week the east coast and Colorado have NM Last Call - maybe some will be there - I'll let you know if I see one.

  3. THANKS ALISONANNA!:flowers:
  4. My silver/pewter besace just arrived 5 minutes ago via fedex man. Oh my, it is stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I can see wearing it with white in spring/summer.

    I recommend calling the cold state stores now--they will start preselling today or tomorrow. The cold state stores are essentially ones in the northeast. I posted phone numbers in the sales thread that is stickied on top of the YSL forum.
  5. aha, I wondered why Colorado was lumped in with the northeast
  6. try Nordstrom at fashion valley in san diego. i was there 30 minutes ago - they have several besaces in the suede nubuck (rust and dark brown were each under $800, and the rose/tan was $1100. they also had the dark gold/bronze volcano for under $800. sorry, i don't know the exact names of the colors, but all were gorgeous!
  7. thanks to all the above ladies for your help....a lovely tpfer...sandypoo helped me find the bag. i'm so excited...i can't wait to get it! If anyone is interested in the bag....i think the SA said that there was one more available so pm me if interested. yay to the power of tpf!!!!