too late for a baby cabas?

  1. i don't know why i'm always a beat behind. :crybaby:

    i now just fell in love with baby cabas but did some search here and learned that you can't even be wait listed for it anymore. is that true? but i also read here that they are coming with some new colors?

    so do i still have some hope? i really don't want to look in eBay so i'm only talking about retail. TIA!
  2. Call Carolyn at Nordstrom mall of america. I just called today and put my name on the waitlist. She told me that they'll be getting 25 black baby cabas in the summer and that the waitlist had 11 people (12 w/ me now :smile:
    I tried calling everywhere else and they either told me that there weren't any or that the waitlist was full. Hope Nordstrom will get them soon...
  3. aliao:
    OMG, thank you SO much. I'm on the list now!!!!!
  4. by the way, Carolyn was so lovely to speak to. Thanks for the recommendation. She said it is coming in sometime between may and august. I CANNOT wait!!
  5. phone# plz?
  6. yujiumao: I don't have the number anymore but I found it on the Nordstroms website. It's in minnesota, I think.
  7. ^^
    Thanks x joie, i'll do so.
  8. Yeeh, I hope we'll get it soon. I thought I was too late to try to get this bag, but now we can keep our fingers crossed. Wasn't Carolyn the best? I spoke to a bunch of SA everywhere, but she was definetely the nicest. BTW, did she mention how much was the bag? She told me $1895, but I told her it's supposed to be $1795 and she said she'll check up on that.

    yujiumao - The number for nordstrom is (952)883-2121.
  9. She was sooo nice! I think we we will get our bags soon- I asked her about the chances of the orders getting cancelled and she said definitely not. I'm very excited! Yay for us getting on the list!!
  10. Oh and she mentioned that it retails for $1795. She probably double checked and realized you were right.
  11. thanks for the info! i'm on the list now. :wlae:
  12. I am on the list now too- #30! Do you think Chanel will actually carry through on their shipment to NM?
  13. Don't know if NM will get their shipment. I spoke with my SA...and she is worried their shipment is goind to cancell!!!!
  14. From what I understood, these bags are already at nordstrom's wharehouse, and were just recently found by their buyer. So, it's just waiting for them to get shipped to minnesota...and then to us :graucho:
  15. A month ago, I told my SA at NM to keep a lookout for a Black Baby Cabas for me...she said sure, I'll put you on a waiting list because we will be getting some soon, and pretty much guaranteed that I will get one.

    Well, she called this past Saturday and she said she has pretty much given up on searching for a Black baby Cabas for me:wtf:. She said that there are 100's of people on the waiting list, and that I have a 5% chance of actually getting it. I have a feeling she didn't even put me on the list at all. Fortunately I'm supposedly on a waiting list for one at Bergdorf Goodman, but I'm not too confident of my chances of getting one there. I should have called Nordstrom Mall of America when Chanel Boy said there were spots left on their list...

    Ahhhh I don't know what to do :crybaby:...Does anyone have any fresh leads on any Baby Cabas waitlists still available? Yes, I realize there's also Ebay, but I'm really not willing to pay the huge premium.