Too keep or not to keep????

  1. I purchased the kristin hobo in patent raspberry and the matching wristlet and a poppy hippie from the outlet. So my question is Should I keep those items or exchange for the candace and rory or duffle? Plus two wristlets and a medium skinny from the legacy collection?
  2. Legacy! :smile:
  3. Legacy
  4. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^!!
  5. Keep it!!!!!
  6. I say if you love the Kristin then keep it, they have been discontinued, and you won't be able to buy it in the stores any longer, if you are not in love with it, then exchange and get the new Legacy.
  7. Keep it! You can get the legacy pieces later. Coach keeps coming out with these nice new collections but we don't have to buy something just because its new. Keep what you bought and consider legacy later down the line.
  8. Keep it!! You won't have a chance to get them later but Legacy is here to stay!!
  9. I say keep it. I purchased a kristin hobo in patent rose which I considered a lot change it for kristin patent rose baby sage.But I finally decided to keep it.It's so hard to let it go....:biggrin:
  10. Well considering Kristin is my favorite Coach and that I coughhatecough legacy I say KEEP THAT GORGEOUS KRISTIN!!!!
  11. This^^

    I absolutely love the raspberry patent. With Kristin being discontinued, I'm trying to purchase all the pieces I want before they're gone for good and i'll have to pay way more later on.
    But, if you aren't happy with your Kristin, then exchange it. I couldn't wait for the large cobalt duffle so I bought it FP. The legacy leather is amazing.
  12. Keep the Kristin and Poppy!