Too hot or too much ?

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  1. I am really starting to love platforms. Just got these DSQUARED over the weekend. But now I'm wondering - are they too hot or too much?

    BTW ...they do look even HOTTER in person...


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  2. Wow! I would say ... depends on the rest of your outfit because those are severe shoes. I like them though!
  3. steaming blue light hot!!!!!!!!!! :drool:
  4. modeling pics? :flowers:
  5. Totally depends what you wear them with.....if you wore them with hotpants and a bikini top then you'd look like you should be spinning round a pole! If you wore them with a pencil skirt and fitted shirt you'd look sexy
  6. Think these would be great with a pair of wide-leg trousers & classic button up top - classic with a touch of sexy.

    As a shorty, I have my share of platforms.
  7. Too much IMO. Id be scared if I saw someone wearing those shoes! Especially someone tall enough to begin with.
  8. DAMN !! I love them !!
  9. too much
  10. They look like stripper shoes to me. If that's the look you're going for...
  11. Need to see them on :yes:
  12. hot IMO, I agree, you got to be carefull with what you wear it with
  13. They're too much, IMO. But it is clear that you tend toward higher, pointier and thinner heels than most other people, and that is okay. Everyone is different. I can't imagine an outfit (except wide-legged pants, perhaps) where those would not strike me as stripper shoes, but you like a different type of shoe, so they might be just right for you - and you might have an outfit that is perfect with them that I haven't thought of. Ultimately, if you have the funds for them and they strike your fancy, they are right for you. I have shoes I had to buy because I adored them so, and I've never worn them, so practicality isn't my biggest concern!
  14. ITA
  15. Are those really wearable?