Too good to be true???

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  1. Hello everyone,
    I was just looking on and there is an edith classic satchel for $765? it's also bigger than the medium and it's cheaper, but smaller than the large of course. could this be incorrect? i don't know. i'm thinking about purchasing it..
  2. i saw this too!! i thought it was wierd. i really think it might be an error...but if you tried to order it maybe they would have to honor the price!
  3. I can't see it, can someone provide the link?
  4. OK I see it ........ ohhhh they have jade!
  5. I love the jade colour....:love: :heart:
    I'm thinking this particular size Edith may be on sale because it's in the last seasons colours. Or maybe they just need a clear out to make way for new stock...?

    Neiman Marcus Online
  6. That price actually makes sense because NM has most of the Edith's on sale for 40% off. $1275 with 40% discount brings it down to $765. I guess online is featuring just those specific colors.
  7. Hi there,
    This is actually my very first post. I've been a long time lurker of this board, and my wallet has a big big dent in it this week after reading all the great sale tips on here!

    I ordered the Edith in jade from NM on Wed. night, and I did get it for the 40% off. It's supposed to be delivered on Tuesday.

    This will be my first Edith. I have a pretty large collection of paddies and silverados, but this is the first Edith. The color and price were just too good to pass up. :rolleyes:
  8. Excellent. The jade is really pretty. I have seen it in person and I think you made a great choice for your first Edith. Enjoy!
  9. I've seen it too, and I love it. I can't wait to get it.

    Thanks for replying! I was feeling shy about posting but now I feel better.
  10. ^I've never seen jade IRL, could you post pics of it when u get it??
    But welcome to the forum! :welcome: and congrats on ur jade edith!
  11. Hi, I just read your post about the jade Edith shopper - I love green handbags - I went to Neiman's website, and they must be sold out! So glad you bought yours, and I wish I would have been as lucky!
  12. Hey,
    Thanks! I will post a picture when she arrives!

    Keep checking back on the NM website if you really want one. I know that in the past, sometimes things sell out and then reappear later. Also, you could try calling around to NM stores and asking if they have that exact bag on sale.
  13. congrats and welcome kmsnyc!
  14. Jade was 40% off? Nice buy!
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