Too Good To Be True?


turn it upppp
Feb 24, 2006
I'm interested in a LV speedy, but when would one say that the price of an auction is too good to be true?
If anyone knows a place/seller to get used LV's from, please let me the way, I've already checked fashionphile:amuse:

I bought my cerises speedy from Let-trade and its definitly authentic. Eventhough they are in hong kong, they respond to emails quick and ship fast. Very nice seller.

But- like others said, check out the poupette sellers and see what they have. I have also bought authentic bags from non-poupette sellers (they usually cost less). If you see a bag you are interested in, post it on here and we can tell you if we think its real.
Ditto, the girls here are very helpful and good in spotting fakes. I got a Speedy 40 from the store but have been looking for a 30 or 35 after I gave one that I won to my friend.