too good to be true?

  1. I'm a newbie, so I'm not sure if this thread is right for this topic...

    Have any of you heard of this website called la perle? (not to get confused with the lingerie brand :P ) La Perle

    They claim all the handbags they sell are 100% authentic, but looking at the prices (although they are pricier than what fakes would be), they seem too good to be true.

    Please help~thanks!
  2. There's no way that can possibly be legit... some of the LV they're offering have been sold out for years! LV is *only* sold by Louis Vuitton, either in their own stores or by leasing counterspace in select high end dept. stores. The ONLY website on which new LV is sold is
  3. Same with Chanel...and yes, it is true, too good to be true is basically always a yes!(otherwise we would all order from them!LOL)
  4. I mean... i may just be naive... have you guys read their FAQ. They even say they will include serial numbers and the authenticity card. They claim they make bulk purchases through vendors with overstock, explaining why they have older styles. I don't know though. I mean it is too good to be true i guess.
  5. I have to think that others will agree here. To the best of my knowledge you must also get Balenciaga through a boutique to get an authentic(or occasionally an online auction). Personally, I would never send hundreds of dollars to a online comapny when there is not even a contact phone number, but hey, its your money.(also, MOST all fakes have a serial number, and authenticity cards are no harder to copy than the bag itself. The biggest scammers out there include these and charge the MOST money for the bags, making them the WORST kind of scammers)
  6. there's NO authorized retailer of Chanel online, not even one. No one is able to buy large quantities of it either and most fakes/counterfeits come w/ bogus authneticity cards as well.
  7. I agree with most of you. Please avoid. :yes:
  8. The scammers can fake everything--authenticity cards, numbers, receipts, etc. It's depressing that so many sellers will blatantly lie, but they do.
  9. I think this site is owned by the same scammers who own Bergacci. Stay away!