too good to be true??

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  1. hi girls just want an opinion on this quickly i am watching this but don't know if it is the real deal DSCF2059.jpg


    thinking of a cute purse for my ledbury xx:tup:
  2. ^^ whats the ebay listing number?
  3. Off the top of my head I'd say that tree on the outside of the purse seems to be leaning to the right and the stitching is the wrong colour, but I'm not really an expert so wait for a better opinion!
  4. it is a second chance offer from ebay i was outbid on it, i just wonder now if the seller has a batch of replicas to dish out i have been offered it at £42.00 plus postage
    they have sold purses in the past (only purses ) and mainly muimui ones
  5. i never gave the stitching a second thought thankyou yes i see mmmm a slight worry x
  6. Stick it on the authenticate thread for Jazzy and Co to look at, it looks a bit orangey to be oak aswell, but maybe thats just the light. Sorry I can't be of more help!
  7. sorry bayley, dashed out there - I agree with all said above!
  8. i am going to give it a miss, i may treat myself to a radley to be going on with they do some cute purses (radley was my first love until i discovered mulberry) xx
  9. My sister is a Radley fan - have fun.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.