too good to be true? solution to nickle allergy?

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  1. I've worn that type of earring. They're aways fine at first, but then suddenly (I'm assuming when the plating begins to wear off) they start irritating the hell out of my ears. The platinum plated ones seem to be the worst :sad:
  2. I have found the only earrings I can wear are platinum or stainless steel. Gold of any kind and silver and anything plated I cannot wear. Its frustrating but at least now Iknow. I rarely wear anything anyway just to make sure nothing irritates.
  3. I'm sorry to hear that these don't work. I'm spending a boatload for money to buy a pair of platinum studs because of a nickle allergy:crybaby:

    ETA: Hi sdkitty. The only answer for us is an expensive one, I'm afraid. I went to my jeweler yesterday and am having them bring in two .25 ct diamonds, to be mounted in platinum, three prong martini settings. If this doesn't work, I'm trading in all my studs and getting one pair of larger studs and forgetting about the second piercings for good:cursing:
  4. Thanks all. I figured if it looks too go to be true, it probably is. At the moment it looks like I may be OK as long as I stick to 14K (no silver). But I guess I now know last resort is 24k or platinum.

    Anyone tried Thai (22k) gold? I used to have a connection thru my former work with Thailand and have a beautiful gold neckace and a bracelet in 22k but sadly I've lost touch with those people. However, I'm sure there are sources of this jewelry online and probably at some stores (LA?)​
  5. I bought nickle free 14k from simply whispers (similar site to the one you posted) for my daughter, we tried everything else the 14k small hoops have been in her ears for a year with no problems.
  6. If you are allergic to nickel you should be able to wear FINE silver just fine. It's a LOT less expensive than platinum. It is 99.9% pure silver - no nickel, no copper, no other added base metals. It is softer but when I use it in my work I work harden it so that it is sturdy and long lasting.

    If you are very allergic to things do not go with plated anything. Eventually plating will wear off. Gold-Filled is more sturdy but has a base metal core. Vermeil is sterling silver plated with 22-24k gold and is good for lower allergies but again not right if you have severe allergies.

    Don't spend a ton on platinum if you don't have to.

    And remember that 14k gold is only a little over 50% gold. 18k is around 70%. 22k is closer to 90% and then 24k is pure gold. Going with a pure metal will decrease the risk of allergic reaction.
  7. Hi, if in LA you have any Indian jewellers, i advise you contacting them, as most indian jewellery is 22K, my sister has some diamond studs in 14k, and they irritate her, but the 22k ones seem to be fine :smile: