Too good a deal to get lost in a thread...

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  1. I know that this should be in the authentic deals/finds thread, but I think its too good a deal to just put in there, besides, its a one shot thing.

    On they have the fendi striped spy bag (the full sized spy!!!) for $934.99 ($1,450 originally according to them.

    Now the good part. at checkout enter code 85721 to get 10% off (I had to put the code in twice to get it to work right!!).

    The bag becomes 934.99-93.50= $841.49! If you shop through ****** or luckyrewards, you can get 4% cash back which is $33.66, making the bag's actual cost only $807.83 plus $2.95 shipping!! I don't know if overstock charges tax or not, but this is a really nice deal!!!

    When I put the striped spy in my cart it said "ONLY 1 LEFT IN STOCK", so please, someone get this!

    I just bought my first spy, so I can't afford to get this one right now, or I would!

    I wanted to get the news out on this before someone gets it thats why I made a new thread (forgive me)

    I hope a fellow fendi lover gets this!!:tup:
  2. And I just spent almost that much on the most incredible grill for my DH for Father's Day, otherwise I'd go fetch this!
    Thanks for the heads-up, Daisy!:angel:
  3. I've seen the same one on jomashop for something like $750, but its never in stock. So I got really excited when I found it on overstock
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.