Too "Girly" for a little boy?

  1. I want to get my son a backpack and I was looking at the Damier Geant Pionnier Terre. What do you think? It's for his 1st birthday...something I am hoping to teach him to take care of and have for a very long time. Of course my better half had to go and buy him a very expensive watch and have it engraved from both of us so I want to do a mommy thing on my own.
  2. You my Dear, as wonderful sweet & fun as you are, are insane!! & I totally wish you were my mom.

    You are that great kind of crazy & your kids are going to have the best & most fun memories of growing up with you. I think it is fine & not too girlie at all.
  3. WHOA! for a 1yr old?!?!?!? I say: Please ADOPT ME! lol
  4. ^totally agreed!!!
  5. Nope. Not girly at all. It's a effing hott backpack. ;)
  6. Lucky boy, I think that backpack is huge though, its too big for me and im 5'8 and honestly too much for a first backpack for a one year old. Also the Damier GEANT collection is for men, so its definately not girly.

    I say buy him something to use now like a mini bike or something, not an LV backpack to throw around.. save that for when he's at least 15.

    Oh and the watch idea is cute, but still too much. If I did that, I wouldnt let him use it till he was 15. He might loose it, or break it.

    Dont waste your money... save up for other things that come in life.

    pleaaase dont hate me for saying that!
  7. Hmmm, thanks for all of your input so far. Reynaldo..thanks for a man's point of view too!!! I know I'm crazy for getting it for him but he's getting everything else in the world from the rest of the family and (even though we refer to eachother as husband and wife already) we are getting married and incorporating his 1st birthday into our reception so his daddy went overboard and mommy is just trying to keep up. LOL I already got my men matching ID bracelets with the date engraved on the back (so he'll have it when he gets older) and he already (even though is just starting to stand up and kind of walk) wears a Lion King backpack. I wanted something nice for when we travel and special occassions. Believe me, he isn't going to be dragging it down the sidewalk to preschool every day!
  8. Hmm, with all that said, I think you should do it hahaha!

    Im sorry I cant deny LV!

    Just make sure he takes care of it of course!!

    I suggest the Ebony Pioneer instead of the Tierre, just because theres no natural leather, its all black and black leather!
  9. congrats on your upcoming wedding and your little baby boy is adorable! i am sure he'll be very happy, sporting his first LV bag!
    take lots of pictures!! :wlae:
  10. like everybody has said, Damier Geant can't be girly because this line is specifically geared for men (not that women can't carry them too). but it's way too big for a 1 year old. he can even fit inside it. i've got one and even i think it's huge! how about a mini Montsouris backpack instead? i intend to get one for my future son and a mini Sac HL for my future daughter. anyway, congrats on your big day. cheers!
  11. great gift.. i would say go for it.. its really nice to have LV as first Bgift :smile:
  12. That is a gorgeous backpack, and definitely not girly, but I have to say I think it's much too big for a 1-yr-old. Even at their shortest, the straps would be too long, and it would drag on the ground. I also think something in brighter colors would appeal to him more at this age.

    They make some absolutely adorable LV shoes for kids - I know he'd outgrow them quickly, but you could get them a little big so they'd fit him longer. I think something like the Mono Speeding sneakers would be much more practical, because he could wear them now instead of waiting until he's a teenager.
  13. Well, if your going to go all out, why not get him the little children's sneakers they have now?? They are so cute and at least he'll get the wear out of them. I think their $240 or something like that.
  14. Agreed. I think the backpack is a little much for a 1yr old. My neice just turned 1 and everything ultimately ends up in her mouth. Seeing her chomp on any LV bag would wound me. I say go for the sneakers. He will get the wear out of them. Buy them bigger so that when he's really trucking around he'll have some hot little feet, rocking some LV sneakers. save the backpack for later or send it to me :graucho:
  15. I agree with the girls who mentioned the sneakers. They would still be a great gift.