Too gaudy for work?

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  1. Dear all, I need your advice. I've had my eye on these:,default,pd.html
    for a while now and they are finally on sale! BUT I can only really justify buying them if I can get a lot of wear out of them ie. at work. and day to day. What do people think, are they too gaudy or flashy to wear as an everyday shoe, or could I tone them down for work? Thanks for your advice!

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  2. I think these can be worn everyday, anytime. Def not too gaudy or showy. Love them!!!!
  3. Not at all gaudy! They're gorgeous and classic!

    And damn you for bringing them to my attention, too! :P
  4. definitely something that can be worn to work!!!
  5. def gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. They are a bit brighter and pinker IRL than in the photo though...but I do really like them!
  7. Go for it! :biggrin:
  8. I'm with the rest, go for it. I love shoes that are just a bit different but still workable for work.
  9. They're really pretty and will work for work.
  10. Gaudy????? Hell to the naw...
  11. I have never seen Gaudy Python.:graucho: These are great for work!
  12. The only caveat is you will want to watch wearing any rough fabric on pants when you wear them because that can rub some of the scales. Also, leave them at home on days it will rain or snow. Otherwise, these are great classics you could wear often.
  13. Agreed, they aren't gaudy for sure. Get them!
  14. Those arn't too gaudy at all! Go for it!
  15. Not at all!