Too faced cosmetics discount

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  1. courtesy of ilkdiminds on fatwallet

    I just did this and got about $300 worth of gifts for about $125 and free shipping

    copy and paste the link
  2. Thanks for the info! Do you have to spend a certain amount to get the free shipping?
  3. Wow! Thanks! Great deals.
  4. thank you. great information... :wlae:
  5. I believe purchases over $75 get free shipping
  6. THIS IS AWESOME!!! Thanks for the link. I got a bunch of stuff for $40.
  7. Hi
    Thanks for the link! They had a great selection of stuff
  8. Thank you so much for this link!! I got $168 worth of cosmetics for $43!!!
  9. Thank you thank you now I only have boys left on my christmas list
  10. I'm worried, I haven't seen a charge on my CC bill yet nor rec'd the email receipt... anyone else have this problem? And I place my order the same day HC posted the thread.
  11. oh.. just bought $90 and got a confirmation number in the payment page, but no email conf.... should we call the Customer Service ?

    oops.. nevermind, i can't find the customer service number except for the stores....
  12. I got a comfirmation number also. i'll post when a charge appears.
  13. The Too Faced telephone no. is 949-553-4431. I had the same problem in October with their Friends & Family sale. I ended up calling them and they said my order had already shipped. They were just overloaded with orders because of the sale and couldn't send everyone e-mail confirmations. Their little Quickie kits make great kits. I love their makeup!
  14. Thanks for the number !

    I have never used the make up, but heard of it b4... and the price was just way too attractive...couldnt resiste to stock up for xmas presents !

    The quickie kits look really cute, but a lot of them are Out of stock already isnt it ???
  15. Only two left. I bought a duplicate of one I already have (Tropical Tease) and another one I don't have (Starlette). I gave kits to a few people when I ordered last time and they all loved them. I'm trying to collect all the Quickie kits I can when they're on sale. They're so good for traveling too because everything is in there. Their stuff is richly pigmented and a little glamorous and dramatic. You have to apply with a light touch. I love their blushes.