Too expensive!

  1. It's hard to come by BV in the Netherlands, so I was very pleased Shoebaloo ( finally got some in-bought my bracelet there and they also have shoes. No bags though, so my heart skipped a beat when I saw bags and wallets at Azzuro (PC Hooftstraat, Amsterdam). I didn't get to buy anything since I'd just splurged on the Fendi Spy and a Miu Miu, as well as way too many shoes and boots. Now that was well over a year ago, so I went over to Azzuro a few weeks ago to check out the new BV stock. But there wasn't any! I asked the SA and she said they didn't sell BV anymore because it was too expensive for their customers! Now this store sells Prada, McQueen and Dior and many other high end designers, so I was quite surprised (and very sad too). I'm not very familiar with all the BV prices, so I can't really compare it to other designers. What do you all think-is BV considerably more expensive than chanel etc?
  2. BV is one of the more expensive brands. But IMHO, the quality of materials and workmanship puts many of the other designer brands to shame. Because BV bags do not have glaring logos, they are not flashy like some bags. I do not know what motivates bag buyers in your area, but if being seen with a Chanel logo is important, then that could be another reason that shop doesn't carry them...not enough sales.
  3. In comparison to other high-end brands such as Chanel or LV, I don`t think BV is that expensive or overpriced. Besides, quality and craftsmanship have their value and I`m glad to spend a sum on a nicely made bag than a so-called It bag which has minor quality and in few seasons is outdated.

    But the thing is, that BV doesn`t compromise when it comes to said quality (Tomas Maier just declared that hs not going to present a diffusion line as that wouldn`t be of the customers` nor the brand`s interest) unlike say Dior or Prada, brands that carry commercial pieces such as logo-canvas pieces or nylon bags that are accessible to a wider audience (in order to target a wider group of customers).

    So, I guess a multi-label boutique that doesn`t have many customers who specifically ask for a certain brand just has to go for which makes more money (and two more affordable Prada nylons might make the same money as one BV, but are more likely to get off the shelves)
  4. ^ I agree, I think the non-logo/recognizability of BV is the issue here - most people who spend an arm and a leg on a handbag want the world to know. I don't really understand that, but I can see why the store chooses to sell more lable-flashing bags for profit. It's just such a shame I really have nowhere to get some BV...
  5. ^ Don't despair Graziella, BV's iconic bags IMO are no more expensive than say the Chanel 2.55 classic or the leather dior and prada bags. However as the others have mentioned BV is not everyones cup of tea (just check out the viewing numbers on the forum, BV has 6-10 viewers when I log on compared to say 115-130 at Chanel, LV and Hermes). The good news is that they have a great online catalogue and the european boutiques do usually ship out to other countries within Europe so there is always some BV out there for you, if you can't get it easily in the Netherlands!
  6. I wanted to mention something...I also agree that BVs are NOT overpriced.
  7. Relative to chanel or hermes, the price is really not so bad, especially for something that's sublimely beautiful and has excellent craftsmanship. but maybe not a lot of people are taken with simple, understated designs.
  8. I completely agree with you Graciella. We really only have one store here in Canada that sells BV, Holt Renfrew, (plus a boutique or two) and I worry about whether they will even keep selling BV because they don't really do anything to highlight the brand while the more showy labels seem to get so much more shelf space and attention. They also have only a few pieces at any time, and not necessarily any exciting ones, and that probably hurts too, plus the fact that the prices are soooo marked up over the US prices which is ludicrous when our dollars are close to par. The SAs don't really seem to know much about BV either, and even people I come across who do know designer bags don't seem to know or recognize BV.

    I asked recently if they had any BV wallets at Holt Renfrew and was told they had "one" a few years ago... How do you build up brand knowledge and loyalty when you only have ONE wallet in stock every few YEARS?!?!
  9. BM, I understand they stopped selling the BV wallets in Toronto because they said they weren't selling. I think it's a bit of a circular argument - they never had many in stock, they were always put away and you had to ask to see them and so no one ever did. And so they never sold. It is frustrating.
  10. Can you believe that is how the Saks in my city sells BV? I shopped there for 3 years before I knew they had any BV bags on the premises, and that was only after I saw one lonely BV bag on the sale table. The SA told me they can't put them on display because there is no area assigned to BV; the customer has to ask in order to be shown any BV bags. Go figure! Of course that means the one ebano veneta they have in the back will most certainly be there when I am ready to spring for it, be it sooner or later!

  11. You certainly have a good chance of it still being there when you're ready to buy, so in that respect you're lucky. But chances are they'll stop selling BV all together when you're the only customer...

    I thought BV was gaining popularity - it's all over the place online and in the magazines. But perhaps that's just because I'm looking for it ;)
  12. expensive? maybe...a bit :p
    worth every cent? absolutely, YES! :yahoo:

    so when you think about it, it's not too expensive...considering longevity, function, craftsmanship, beauty, value for money, etc...etc... :yes:

    welcome to the BV sub forum Graciella and good luck on your search for your bag

    do keep us posted when you find one...:flowers:
  13. rox_rocks, I totally agree with you. I've bought high end bags by other designers that didn't hold up: Prada (leather worn too quickly), Louboutin (a grommet popped off after one use) and Marc Marmel (bag strap tore in a place that couldn't be fixed). I think the fact that BV is an under the radar design and brand works both for it and against it. Their old (old!) slogan used to be "When your own initials are enough", to set it apart from all the logo bags. But obviously, in stores a certain amount of visibility, backed by marketing dollars, is necessary for any brand's success.