Too excited to's what I broke my ban for *PICS*

  1. Well I lated about 7 weeks (almost 2 months) on my ban....but I just had an urge to spend today! So I made the trek to Chicago and had a blast!
    I went there with the intention of buying something on my list (see signature) and I didn't :graucho: Instead my SA showed me the new Vernis and wow I fell in love immediately. I am a sucker for RED!
    I previously had never considered Vernis...too high maintenance I thought. But then it was :heart: when I saw.....THE ROXBURY in POMME D'AMOUR! Just is breathtaking...and I took it home!
    For anyone not a fan of this ...give it a second chance or consider it. It is breathtaking!!!!!!!!!! Just WOW! ***PICS at the end of post***

    That was it for Louis today....mostly because I KNOW I will most likely end up with the Dentelle speedy next month, I want the Hampstead PM as well, and I need some of the new scarves/bandeaus coming out.

    I also got a chance to see the heart purses IRL. Not a fan of the MC. LOVED the Pomme & the Perle. But I think the Perle would get too dirty and too high a risk of color transfer.
    I took a peek through the whole look book. I really like the Damier Hampstead!
    Not a fan of the new Mini Lin because the handles are white and I worry too much about dirt.
    The Patchwork speedy is still listed at $1890.
    The Valentines pastilles are super cute!
    The inclusion wouldn't fit on my wrist (the bangle...I have fat hands I guess)...saved me money I guess!

    People looking for things:
    Michigan AVe. Saks has clear inclusion bracelet, bubble rings, Jack & Lucy keychains, mirror ball keychains, inventeur key chains. Also have a bunch of Pomme stuff (no more Roxburys though:graucho: ).

    Phew...that's it I think! I was in the boutique talking with the manager and my SA for over an hour after making my purchase! Lots of hugs and just a great time!

    Also ended up with a Gino's East deep dish pizza (for dinner tomorrow), a Cheesecake Factory cheesecake, 2 pillows for hubby, Juicy Couture perfume set, and had dinner at Ed Debrevnics (which was sooooo much fun!)

    PICS as promised:



  2. More....

    With flash:



    Without flash:


    My red walls probably affect the color a little bit!
  3. Looks great on you! Congrats Twiggy!!! ;)
  4. ooooo nice way to brake a ban congrats love the color...
  5. gorgeous!!!!!!!!
  6. I saw this bag at the Houston LV.. I would never have considered it just seeing it online but irl it is beautiful!!! Congrats!
  7. Thanks John & latin!

    Ohhh I should also mention...I have decided to remove the PH from the list. This is the 5th visit in which I passed it I really think I must not want it (plus I have the BV already).
    In addition...I have moved the Duomo down on my list! I think I really need a shoulder I think the Hampstead will move up on the list!
  8. Congrats!
  9. OMG GORGEOUS! I was waiting to see what you got!
  10. Thanks birdy & Christine!
    Christine: I know what you mean...>I saw it on Jane and loved the style, but didn't think I'd like it IRL...but it is just so beautiful of a color!
  11. Congrats-I love the sparkle!
  12. Congrats! Very pretty!
  13. Very hot! Everyone is getting that Roxbury. I soooo want one.
  14. Thanks pinki & Rishin! I was hoping to come back with much more...but my SA really encouraged me to wait for Dentelle because he assures me I'm going to LOVE it!
  15. Thanks cili, Rebecca & Elong!!!!!!! It does really sparkle...but kind of subtle & not so "in-your-face"