TOO DIE FOR Onatah GM monogram suede

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  1. Hey you Vuitton Vixens!!! I AM DROOLING and MUST HAVE the Yellow Suede hobo that Giselle is carrying in the LV ads. Does anyone know the price of this bag? It comes in Orange, Brown and Yellow!!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!! I live 1.5 hours from a LV store--I may have to give them a buzz and inquire.
  2. Around $2000, Star has this lovely bag in brown, maybe she can give you an exact price.
  3. Drool Drool Drool Drool!!!!!!!
  4. The one Gisele has in the photo is Yellow Onatah Fleurs GM. Retail is $3,550.:biggrin:
  5. ^^^ Yes, that is the bag I was talking about.:biggrin:
  6. After closely looking at the bag in the ad--the one in the catalog on the website is slightly different--Still an awesome bag!!!!!

    Do you think the one in the catalog is cheaper than the one in the ad? My guess would be yes.

    I LOVE BOTH!!!!
  7. Here is the Onatah GM:
    And here is the Onatag Fleurs GM (Gisele's bag in brown):
  8. I Love The Brown!!!
  9. I just bought the Onatah Fleur PM.. I can't wait for it to arrive!! :lol: :lol:
  10. Did you phone in your order to a LV boutique or online?
  11. The bag that Gisele is seen having is called the Onatah Fleurs GM in Yellow. It's retail is $3,550 USD.
  12. Bought the Suede pochette from eluxury and the Onatah Fleur PM from my 1866 SA :biggrin:

    I used to buy all my LV from LV Ceasars Palace but the new manager sucks and i boycott that store from then on. I always placed my order on 1866 with the same SA for 3 years. She is always able to get me what i want. Been pretty lucky so far.
  13. I saw the onatah pm in brown and love it:love: BUT need to decide between this or a perforated speedy in pink:suspiciou How do you find using the suede?? Also is this range quite limited like the perforated range???