too darn impulsive...

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  1. So after swanky mama of 3 posted pictures... I called around to hunt for the aged calfskin flap bag - I really have been wanting a red bag lately and I found out they make it in red. Well, I am in the midst of returning a grenat bbag b/c I made a rush decision. Anyway.... I find out Saks in NYC has the bad in light bordeaux - I run over and FALL IN LOVE with color - I just didn't like the shape that much. I really wanted the luxury line tote in red - but it is nowhere to be found. Anyway - I bought the bag, and am now so mad at myself b/c I really don't like it, I just like the color - so its going back tomorrow - god I hate when I do :censor: like this - ugh!!!
  2. Oh PLEASE post pics before you return it. I have NEVER even seen pictures of it in burgundy (only black, bronze, and darkwhite). Thank you.
  3. I'm not going home tonight so I won't have a camera - I'll try borrowing one at work - the color is beautiful - its muted and not too dark!!!
  4. Post pics when you can. Congrats!
  5. Post pics! hehe

    Btw, I totally understand about rush decisions. I make them too! But thankfully, it is totally ok to return them ;)
  6. sure, blame me! LOL!
    I'd love to see it too before it goes back!
  7. Yes please post pics.
  8. I would love to see pics too :nuts:
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