Too Cute!

  1. Cute indeed;) I can't remember but what's the retail?:shrugs:
  2. Ummm...I like her purse HOOK!!! lol
  3. I think it was around $210? I'm not sure exactly because my mom got mine for me for Valentine's Day.
  4. Thank you so much Lvbabydoll:flowers: :girlsigh: Your mum is sooo nice :tender:
  5. No problem :smile:
    My mom is really nice..between my mom, my dad and I, we exchange LV for different holidays.
  6. hahaha those are really cute!!
  7. Even your DAD :nuts: Now that's supa...COOL:supacool:
  8. Lol yeah..we usually end up getting him a key holder or a wallet in a different color/line and he gets us matching things. One year it was Damier 4 key holders and a few months later for another holiday it was the Inclusion Speedy keychains. :smile: