too cute! tokidoki make-up line from smashbox

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  1. just got them today! too cute! :love: the collection has eyeshadow, lip gloss, highlighter and blush. I got the soft lights and brush set in Dolce Vita, a :love: skin tint and a stick blush.
  2. adorable. I'm getting my lil sister the lipgloss tomorrow
  3. That's really cute.
  4. aww everything matches
  5. i'm going to double check tmr b/c when i was at nordy's with my friend i didn't see any anime on the makeup!

    but that looks really cute! thanks for the post! i'm gonna double check :smile:
  6. Isn't Sephora supposed to be carrying this line? I saw an advertisement for the Tokidoki Smashbox line there, but when I was at a Sephora store last weekend, they weren't carrying any of it.

    Is it being released to certain stores only? (You'd think in Chicago, I'd be able to find it!)
  7. It's been at Sephora for at least a month - could be yours sold out already. I was at the one closest to me a couple weeks ago and they only had a few pieces left.

    I bought all of mine at Nordstrom, except the brush and softlights set, which I picked up at Sephora (since it was exclusive to them).

    The eyeshadow compacts have characters on the outside top and then little characters on the inside mirror - so cute! (I ended up just buying the whole line.)