Too cute (Pygmy Marmoset monkeys )

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    Rare newborn albino Pygmy Marmoset monkeys perch on a zookeeper's fingers at Froso Zoo in Ostersund, Sweden August 22, 2006. The Pygmy Marmoset, which lives in the upper Amazon basin in South America, is the world's smallest monkey and reaches 35 cm (13.7 inches) in length and weighs up to 100 grams (3.5 ounces) at maturity. Picture taken August 22, 2006. NO ARCHIVES NO SALES REUTERS/Froso Zoo/Handout (SWEDEN) Email Photo Print Photo

    They are too Cute:smile:
  2. Wow! They are magnificent! I've never seen or heard of these creatures before. Thanks so much for posting pic!
  3. I sure would plant a bunch of kisses on their whole face! if I got ahold of them.
  4. They had Pygmy Marmosets at the Philadelphia Zoo back when I lived there for a little while. I always wanted to smash the glass of the case they were in and stuff my pockets full of them. So tiny! So cute!
    These little babies must be breaking some kind of a tiny cuteness law, no?
  5. OOOOOH MY GOSH!!!!! They are too cute for words ... I love Marmosets ...:love: :love: We have pigmy marmosets at Busch Gardens here in Tampa .. I love to look at their little faces ....:tender:
  6. o my goodness. osooo cute!
  7. Awwwww...that is so cute! They are so tiny.
  8. Omg those are unbelievably cute! I want them!!
  9. I love monkeys! I've always wanted a pet monkey...but I know it's not really good for them to live as pets. Plus, they are more responsibility than having a kid -- they live for years but never grow up and move out, lol.

    But these babies are precious.