Too Cute or Too Much

  1. What do you think of these platforms - I think I am about ready to buy but Im not exactly sure - what would they look best with?
    leticce 985-560229-p.jpg
  2. That's just overkill to me.
  3. too much
  4. don't really like either. sry :sad:
  5. Not my taste.
  6. A bit much.
  7. I think this is a bad remake of the YSL tributes... sorry
  8. I don't like em. I agree they are a bit too much.
  9. I feel as though they lack a cohesiveness of style. I'd have to see what the rest of the outfit looks like.
  10. nay!
  11. I generally like more bold things and even I must say this is too much. There is a fine line between boldly stated and over stated. The latter translates into cheap. They would either make a cute pump (the printed part), or a decent sandal (if the printed part were strappy and solid.)
  12. Ummmm.... Aspoint, I'm gonna say "a bit much", but to be fair, I can actually see this working for some ppl, and maybe you're one of them. If you do pick them up, I can see them working as long as you keep everything else you're wearing very edited. This way, it won't look like you tried and missed -- it'll look like you picked up something fun and artsy to spice up your wardrobe. The "miss" quotient on this one is a bit too high for my taste though.
  13. :tdown: :tdown:
  14. Not loving them.
  15. Not for me... I wouldn't be able to pull 'em off.