Too crazy to have brought 10 chanel bags in 5 months?


Feb 26, 2007
This obsession was triggered by seeing this black bowler Mischa Barton was carrying in the magazine. I called the Chanel store and they were all sold out, so I searched everywhere and eventually I got a metallic black and a silver colour. Then I found this 255 reissue dark silver which I have brought too.

Bags I got:
1) Reissue 2.55 in dark silver
2) Bowler in Metallic Black
3) Bowler in Silver
4) Baby Coco cabas in black
5) Baby Coco cabas in white
6) Baby Coco cabas in dark silver
7) Classic medium white Caviar
8) Classic medium black vintage calfskin leather
9) Pre-fall small white reissue with new chain
10) Small leather flap bag with long chain in silver

Am I too obsessed? I might have an obsession problem. I need help so I will stop searching around for new bags...:crybaby: