Too common? Or am I in my own world?

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  1. Dear ladies and gents,
    I sincerely hope this question will not come off as offensive. (Fingers crossed)
    I am very, very seriously considering adding the black jumbo flap in caviar with silver hardware to my collection. I think it is a great bag. Classic, useful, etc. All my bags are lambskin and I need something for a touch of wet/snowy weather.
    However, either because of where I have lived and visited in my lifetime--or maybe too much time spent looking at others´ collections on tPF-- I am questioning whether EVERYONE (and I mean that with tongue-in-cheek exaggeration) has one.
    I love tried-and-true classics but I also love having bags that are a tiny bit different, and I dunno, does it seem that many people carry the black caviar jumbo with SHW as an everyday bag? Am I being ridiculous? Feel free to say yes.
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  2. No I don't think you're being ridiculous [emoji4]. The classic flap with SHW has a more casual vibe as opposed to the GHW which is why i think alot of people use it more. I say if you love it, buy it. My classic flap is caviar jumbo GHW and I only use it on formal or semi-formal occasions. I would totally rock it in SHW on a daily basis if i had that combo.
  3. This probably depends on where you live. In my area, I don't see many people carrying Chanel in general so it's fun to carry something different.

    When I went to Singapore, everyone was carrying some kind of Chanel bag. Tons of boy bags. I got sick of seeing Chanel when I was there. Haha.

    I myself don't have a jumbo and don't see myself getting one anytime soon because it's bigger than what I usually use/need. So not everyone everyone has one. [emoji16]
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  4. Thanks! :smile:
  5. Right, totally depends on where you live! When I lived in the Bay Area, I did not feel like I saw that many, but then in parts of Europe and maybe NY I feel like I have seen a lot....? Could just be in my head. Anyway, nope, not everyone everyone has one!
  6. While I see some Chanel in the Boston area, it's not very common. I think a lot of people go for the black caviar jumbo SHW because it's big enough to be useful, classic, yet modern with the silver hardware. If you want something a little different, maybe consider a reissue? The 227 size is similar to a jumbo, but lighter, and distressed calf can handle some inclement weather.
  7. i agree with what others have said - it totally depends on where you live. where i'm currently at, i have only seen ONE chanel bag (m/l black CF with SHW) in the almost 2 years since relocating here. lol my area is totally casual. if you love it, then get it! i have jumbo lambskin with GHW and i carry it as a daily bag. it's all based on preference and your personal style. i don't feel that gold is too dressy either bc most of my fashion jewelry is gold and while i occasionally like to mix metals, i generally prefer to match my bag hw to my jewelry. i still feel that chanel overall is not as commonly spotted as LV for example. i was visiting some inlaws where they were and in one department store, i saw 10-12 LV bags of all shapes and sizes. LOL!
  8. I live in the DC area and work downtown DC and I don't see many if any chanel, but when I go out shopping on the weekend at Tyson's Galleria I see a lot more. I don't let it bother me since I love this bag because of the casual vibe and this is coming from a diehard gold hardware lover
  9. It does depend on what area you live in, but I would definitely say no.

    For me, when I think of bags/styles that are too common I think of LV bags, even though I love LV bags, and it doesn't matter to me how "common" or "uncommon" a bag is. Where I come from, girls who want to buy designer bags carry Coach and LV. Chanel is rarely ever seen or heard of.
  10. It's funny, I think the more time we spend on TPF admiring each other's beauties, we tend to fall into the inevitable line of thinking that EVERYONE owns these handbags-
    I live in Minneapolis and see very few chanels around me- mostly LV, Michael kors, Goyard. We tend to get tunnel vision when visiting these threads often!
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  11. I think the more time we spend on TPF admiring each other's beauties, we tend to fall into the inevitable line of thinking that EVERYONE owns these handbags- It becomes very difficult to maintain perspective that these handbags are real luxuries and most do not own them….
    I live in an affluent suburb of Minneapolis and see very few channels around me- mostly LV, Michael Kors, Goyard St. Louis. Occasionally, when shopping at an upscale mall or out at a special event, I will see one….
  12. i think it's only common cuz you're hanging out on tfp and maybe utube. i live in LA/Hollywood and rarely even see Chanel, let alone jumbo chanel bags. the only time i really see Chanel is at evening events and it's the small(er) flaps.
  13. I love my jumbo Chanels. I think it is such a perfect everyday bag because for me, it fits everything I need for the day. However, I think it also depends on where you live. When I was living in London, I wear it as my everyday bag, I sometimes swap it out for my maxi when I need the extra room, but I don't feel self conscious or anything because literally everyone wears Chanel in London in my area. However, after I moved to Toronto/Vancouver, I do find myself often reaching out for my reissue, as it is a little more under the radar, and doesn't "scream" Chanel, and it is much lighter which is a relief for my shoulders. As for the wet/snowy weather, I think I have covered it with London and Toronto (oh the snow), and both the classic/reissue are good for it, I haven't had any issues with them, but I do drive most of the time.
  14. In Asia, you see Chanel everywhere! That was one reason, I ventured out to other brands. I just got my first Dior bag and I felt extra special using it as it's less common.
    When I carry my Chanels, I felt nothing really different unless I'm carrying a seasonal piece.

    This being said I still love Chanel and you should just buy what you really love. Buy what you love, and not what others dictate you should have.
  15. It could be that now the bag is on your radar, you're noticing it a lot more.

    But a black flap is a classic, thus it becomes a staple in many ladies' wardrobe so you're bound to notice it more frequently than another color combo.

    I do notice many black jumbos in so cal though.
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