Too carefull?

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  1. My friends are always making fun of me because I don't like putting my bags on a floor and I take really good care of them! They always say I'm too careful with my bags... I really don't care what they say because they really don't understand much about high-end fashion and stuff.. I would like to know do other PF'ers have same kind of friends or do you guys get same kind of comments from someone?? :p
  2. Most everyone I know well, takes great care of their clothes, bags, etc. We invest hard-earned money...we better!
  3. Exactly
    I'd never put my bags on the floor
  4. My son makes fun of me because when he goes to touch a bag with vachetta handles, I always ask him if his hands are clean.
  5. I am the same way. Hands have to be clean and I never place it on the floor. My DH laughed at me recently because I put my daughter's jacket on the floor and placed my bag on top of it. Hey...for the money these bags cost there is no way I am going to be putting them on a dirty restaurant floor! You can never be too carfeul!
  6. I don't put ANY of my bags on the floor...even if they're not LV!...with snow outside and everything the floor is just super dirty! :yucky:
  7. I think a good deal of people here baby their bags and make sure not to put them on the floor (however I'm not one of them and put ALL of my bags on the floor :push: )
  8. ^^^:yes:

    I am very careful about all my things, not just LV and not just bags. And it's not just because of the cost factor or visible dirt. Maybe I'm just paranoid, but there are lots of germs, viruses, moisture and who-knows-what scary yucky smelly things on public floors, bathroom counters, etc., that have no business being on my purses or anything else!!! :yucky:
  9. I always check the floor first before I set anything there, but sometimes there just isn't anywhere else to set my bag. I'll usually put a napkin down first though. Otherwise, if available, I'll set my bag on an empty chair or hang it on the back of a chair.
  10. I have actually eaten lunch with my purse on my lap (because we used all the chairs.) I cannot imagine putting it on the floor. I need one of those purse hangers you can get, that attach to your table.
  11. you can never be too careful!! The second day that I had my red longchamp tote I placed it on the floor of a large lecture hall, without checking the floor first. When class was over I noticed it was sorta difficult to pull it off the floor, and it wasn't until the next day that I noticecd that there was gum stuck to the bottom of it. I ALWAYS check the floor before putting one of my bags down now, especially my speedy!
  12. My friends don't say anything about my bags... they just don't understand why I get them
  13. I was at an outdoor cafe in Italy and hung my bag from the strap onto the chair I was sitting on (floor was stone & dirt - no extra chairs) and the waiter came over and told me to keep it in my lap because the pickpockets come back and try to take the bags off of ladies chairs.
  14. never set my bags on the floor...not even cheaper bags...
  15. I'm a germaphobe so I don't think I can ever be too careful!! I try to NEVER put my bags on the floor just because I shudder to think where people's shoes (including mine) have been! :yucky: :wtf: I'm sure my family and friends think I'm *a little* paranoid but hey, it's what makes me and my handbags happy!