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  1. [​IMG]
    is this tote too big for everyday use??
    11 X 11.5 X 6

    i love it, but unsure if its practical.
    if anyone has this and can post a picture wearing it...thatd be great.
  2. Do you have a store near you? Could you go try it on? Doesn't seem to big to me..I carry lots of stuff!
  3. No actually i think it would be perfect. It does not seem too large.
  4. I tried that bag on during my last trip to Coach and I found that the handle was too small for me. I didn't like the snug feeling on my shoulder.
  5. i'm 5'2" you think itd be super snug under my arm??
  6. mrs. jones, aren't you supposed to be on a purse ban??:graucho:
  7. lol, yeah but my husband bought yet another dump truck for his that entitles me to buy one purse. lol......his $15,000 will only coact him $400.00. Sounds like a deal to me :graucho:
  8. I love it when husbands do that!! have fun!
  9. Not to big for me, thats all I carry are the large coach bags, got tooooo much stuff.
  10. It doesn't seem too big for me; I'm actually wishing for a bag that size (stupid ban...).
  11. ^^ thank you, that gives me a very good idea on size. i think i love it.
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