Too big for a day bag?

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  1. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1466910793.928668.jpg
    I have developed an affinity for the Carryall. I've not had the opportunity to get to the city to try it on. Is it too big for everyday?
  2. Love the carryall as well but way too big for daily use.
  3. Size is a matter of perspective; what's giant for someone may be small or perfect for another. It also would depend on how much you plan to carry on a daily basis - if you're going to work and planning on using the Carryall to hold a lunch, papers and/or books, and maybe a spare set of clothes should a kid spill something on your first outfit then this would be perfect.
  4. I would say yes- but if you like carrying a duffel sized-ish bag around then this is perfect! I just saw it in the boutique and it's fairly big! Beautiful bag though!
  5. Yes. It's fairly big for everyday use in my opnion. Unless you want to use it for an over night stay or use it as a gym bag?
  6. Depends on your height and frame but in general I think it's too big for everyday use.
  7. The Carryall is my absolutely favorite LV piece, as luggage. As a daily bag, I think it's way too big. Size wise, it's between a Speedy 40 and Keepall 45. I would definitely try it on in person before making a decision. Also keep in mind the Carryall doesn't come with a strap. It would be too heavy if you fill it up and carry it all day (vs. just carry it around the airport for plane trips or to and from car for driving trips).

    If you really want a big daily bag, I think the Speedy 35 B or Speedy 40 B would be a better option.
  8. I have the Carryall and I used it a couple times as a day bag when I need to carry my gym shoes / outfit. But it's definitely luggage, not a handbag.
  9. Check out the dimensions between the Carryall and a Neverfull GM. Looks like the Carryall is just a bit longer. I have a DE Neverfull GM that I use has an everyday handbag, and I never cinch the sides. For reference I'm 5'5". I'd love to see it in person :smile: Let me know if you do and take a pic too!
  10. I have a DE Neverfull GM, a DE Speedy 35 and a Monogram Deauville that I routinely use as day bags. The width of the Carryall is the only troubling factor. I'm tallish and pudgy. I may be able to pull it off. I will wait to try it on. I was just curious to see if anyone out there uses it as a day bag with ease.
  11. I have this bag and only use it when traveling, it is definitely too big for everyday bag.
  12. One of my friends uses a very big bag every single day. I think it's up to you what you want to use.
  13. I'm going to go against the grain and say that yes, you can get away with it everyday. However, if you feel enticed to go with a different but similar style, maybe try the monogram Icare?
  14. This bag looks gorg for a classic duffel design! For every day though, I think my arms will get tired carrying it around. Maybe a few times a month will be better.
  15. +1

    I have seen someone use it as a work/commuter bag, and it looked great, but honestly, given that there is no strap, I'd imagine it being too heavy to carry every day if you fill it up.....and if you're NOT going to fill it up, then just opt for a smaller bag.