1. i saw this on

    im wondering is possible to buy it now as i haven't seen any of these shown in the boutique...i'm in uk....

    and how much is it?:confused1:
  2. Ah yes that's the Monte Carlo reissue. You should try eBay as well.
  3. 3500USD...on eBay....doesn't accept the international paypal:dots:
  4. have you called a Neiman Marcus here?
    Mine had one last time I was there, they'll ship int'l.
    {972}629-1700 ask for Sonya or Kimberly in handbags, they can check all NM's in the US as well.
  5. I just saw this bag at my local Neiman Marcus. My SA is Cynthia Smith at 949-887-3765. Please ask for the Monte Carlo 2.55 reissue, and tell her Lani referred you.

    Let us know if you do end up getting it.
  6. thank a lot!!!!!
  7. Aren't the ladies on this forum the best?
  8. absolutely!!
  9. Hi - this was selling for GBP1,540 here in the UK. Don't know if there's any left though. Good luck in locating it.