Too bad they broke up...

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  1. Had Nick and Jessica not broken up, I'd have watched the next season of Newlyweds just to see Jessica's handbags.:shame: :lol:
  2. I AGREE and to see her sunglasses <--she has an awesome collection of those as well! and just to get a laugh at her stupid comments!
  3. :drool
    yes, the gals got some great shades!!!
  4. i agree too! that was the fun of the show, identifying her bags!
  5. didn't she carry a multicolor LV throught the entire first season? She sure has gotten past that!
  6. I only watched "Newlyweds" to see Jessica's Louis Vuitton speedy :biggrin: I just knew that I had to get it, when I saw her with it. *smiles*
  7. Lol! I know what you mean! The show is of no value otherwise...
  8. I don't watch TV at all, except for Project Runway (when does the new season start???? sniff, sniff), but I did get hooked on Nick and Jessica one night when they were running back-to-back. I liked the show for some reason. and the girl's bags and clothes were TDF.
  9. I loved the whole series of newlyweds, and wanted to buy the dvds, but they split, so thought it really wasnt a good idea to buy the dvds! Im so sad.
  10. I enjoyed them as a really believed that two people in young Hollywood could make it from bottom to top and stay together...guess not.
  11. I really liked it as well..Its sad to see anyone break up..and they seemed so good together. I do not envy the public break ups...its such a hurtful time to have share with the world!
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