too 90s?

  1. I need the educated opinions of TPFers, please!

    Since I just bought a pricy-ish(for me) pair of tall black boots last year, I'm really not due for a new pair (they were supposed to be "an investment", so I wouldn't need to buy more any time soon - HA!) - but I really want some anyways!

    Thus, I'm trying to find something decent for under $400, with a nice tall shaft and at least a four inch stacked heel. What do you think about these Biba boots, from Yoox? Is the silhouette somehow too 90's?

    I would love to hear some opinions - on the one hand, they could be a pretty good deal with the current code.
    But maybe I would be better of waiting for the Miu Miu oxford knee boots to go on sale instead?
  2. I love them..
    Great for the fall..
  3. The heel is too thick for my liking, it all depends what you like though...
  4. Nice!
  5. i would pass on them they remind me of stripper boots and the heels are too thick
  6. When I think of stripper boots I always think of pointy toes and a stiletto heels - not to mention faux patent leather and lucite. :p

    I'd say wait for a better pair, especially if the better pair might be Miu Miu.
  7. I think the thick heel AND platform is a little much....but if you like em' it's your choice.
    BTW...the title of this thread really caught my attention, just the other day I was talking to someone about what the trends of the 90's were, and we couldn't come up with anything specific (u know, 70's and tie-die, 80's and spandex, 90's ???) but when I saw the pic of the boots I knew excactly what you meant...I so remember pretty much all the boots around that time looking like funny!!
  8. ITA If the platform wasn't so chunky with the thick heel, they'd be cute, and less dated. I'd keep looking.
  9. ^^^yea i would prefer a skinnier heel.
    but they're cute.
  10. ITA. The heel is too thick.
  11. they look great but to be more timeless they'd need less of a platform or none at all.
  12. The heel is too thick!!!
  13. The new Louis Vuitton shoes have very thick heels. In the latest issue of Vogue a lot of the fall shoes have chunky heels. I don't think these boots are dated at all. If you like them, go for it!
  14. I personally like a thicker heel because they're more stable. But I also, I don't sit at a desk all day and need something that can be worn of extended periods of time. I like them!
    Stripper shoes? Not even close! Like someone else said....think stilettos and lucite. Oh yeah, the pleather must have tons of gouges out of it like they've been run over by a car and they must smell like stale champagne from the last drunken bachelor that was drinking out of it! :roflmfao: Now THAT's a stripper shoe!
  15. Chunky heels are popular this season, but they all are unique in some way whether they are sculpted, made of wood, etc. This boot's simple, rectangular heel is dated.